It is required for every college and university in the United States to disclose all of the crimes on its campuses along with nearby neighborhoods. October 1 marked the day the University of Rhode Island’s 2013 Clery Report was released outlining the past year’s offenses.

The majority of the report’s tables, which are divided between the university’s Kingston, W. Alton Jones and Providence campuses, are filled with zeros. This means no crimes were reported. It is not a surprise that the high numbers are only found on the under the liquor law and drug violations.

The violations are separated between arrests and referrals. Students who are caught with either possession of drugs or alcohol, are more often referred to the Office of Student Life where their cases are then dealt with different kinds of strikes implying different types of sanctions.

Last year’s liquor arrests were slightly down from 14 in 2012 to nine in 2013. In the past three years, the liquor referrals have stayed in close range though steadily increasing each year. In 2011 they reached 610 and shot up to 643 by 2012 and peaked at 657 for 2013. These are significantly higher than the drug violation referrals.

URI police arrested 20 students in for drug violation and doubled to 2013’s 41 arrests. However, when looking at the drug referrals, 2011’s 151 reports increased to 208 in 2012 and slightly reduced to 184 on 2013.

With a large focus on sexual assault on college campuses nationwide, the university’s forcible sex offenses dropped from 2012’s 11 reported incidents to last year’s six reports. A new section of the Clery Report is the Violence Against Women Act Crime Statistics, which focuses on domestic violence, dating violence and stalking. There were 12 reports of on campus dating violence, four accounts of stalking and one domestic violence report on campus.

The university strives to keep a safe campus with Blue Light Emergency Phones throughout its campus, and the Office of Student Life asks for students to report any crime they witness or possible crime they might have seen. Further data included on the Clery Report can be found at