For most people, reading complaints is probably the last thing they want to deal with. Not for Student Senator Morgan Boutmy. In fact, it is her favorite part of the job.

“I kind of love handling people’s complaints,” Boutmy said. “That’s why I joined Senate. I really want to make an impact on the University of Rhode Island while I’m here.” Boutmy is the chair of the Campus Affairs committee, which is responsible for everything from on-campus housing and dining to safety and student rights. In fact, all campus complaints and concerns entered on the Senate’s website get sent right to her. As a result, the sophomore senator has a lot on her plate, but she is eager to tackle all of it.

“I just love URI and I see the potential, and I think that URI can be a great place,” Boutmy said. She urges students to keep the complaints coming, as the administration is really interested in improving the school.

“I love working with the administration,” she said. “From what I found working with them this year, they just want what’s in the best interest for the students. If students come forth with their complaints, [administration will] try their hardest to fix it.”

Boutmy had been involved in student government in high school and she knew Student Senate was the organization for her the second she heard about it on her first day on campus. She has run successfully two years in a row, having been on the finance committee her freshman year.

But Student Senate is not the only outlet through which Boutmy plans on helping others. She chose to major in kinesiology for the same reason.

“I’m hoping I’ll become a physical therapist or a physician assistant or maybe even a doctor,” she said. “It’s not really set in stone, but I’d love to do work that helps people.” Before she leaves URI, Boutmy wants to study abroad in Australia as part of a kinesiology program.

Though Student Senate takes up most of her free time, Boutmy tries to enjoy everything the university has to offer. She recently joined the sorority Chi Omega and loves attending the school’s basketball and hockey games. Butterfield is her dining hall of choice, but her favorite spot in the emporium is International Pocket Cafe, primarily due to their seasoned French fries.

Boutmy said her favorite thing about URI is its atmosphere. One of her favorite pastimes is simply relaxing on the quad with her friends.

“I really like how it’s a large school but it still has that small-community feel,” she said. “So when I’m walking around on campus, I’ll see different groups of friends and I never feel like I’m alone here. There’s always something to get involved with.”

Boutmy urges students to make their voices known, both through the concerns form on the Senate website and in person at their meetings. “We’re open people,” she said. “So if you ever want to come into the office and talk to us or let your worries be known, someone’s in there to talk.”