URI’s Delta Sigma chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity has waited years for their new house, which will be completed and ready to open in Fraternity Circle on Nov. 1.

The $3.3 million house will consist of 41 beds, with nine single rooms and 16 double rooms. The house has met full fire code, is handicap accessible and has its own Wi-Fi,  according to Nathan Umbriano, the Chapter Representative to the Sigma Chi-Delta Sigma Chapter Housing Corporation. He added that brothers of the chapter will be able to enjoy a full meal plan, kitchen, dining room and a library and that the house will have “more living room than any other Greek Life house on campus.”

This fall, the Delta Sigma chapter has accepted a pledge class of 26, bringing the total to 89 active members. Umbriano said that the new house will be “a tangible version of all the hard work we’ve put into this fraternity.”

Sigma Chi has been a fraternity at URI since 1949 and was re-chartered in 2011. Over the last 16 years, the chapter has been working on bringing its house back to campus and fundraising toward the house since 1996. Umbriano said that a majority of the money raised for the house was from alumni donations. He said, “The members of Sigma Chi are very grateful for the help from alumni, who put in more than 80 hours a week to make this all possible.”

Four years ago, Umbriano’s Fall 2011 pledge class was told that the house would be completed the following year, but the construction of the house did not occur until years later, Umbriano said.Perth building company Aveling Homes started the construction project.

“I can’t speak exactly for the new members, but I know that the older brothers will be especially excited for the new house,” Umbriano said. “The house will be able to give our fraternity a sense of common ground.”

“I can’t begin to explain how excited we are about the opening of our new chapter house,” said Robert Riglietti, active Sigma Chi Member. “There’s no doubt that it’ll help our chapter improve among many other aspects of our chapter. What we look forward to most, however, is to be a part of the Greek Circle community and build stronger relationships with our fellow Greek organizations.”

The house is owned by the Sigma Chi fraternity without any help from the university. Umbriano said mortgage of the house will be paid off as long as the house continues to stay filled. Sigma Chi members will be allowed to move into the house during the Spring 2015 semester.

“It’s really an honor that the alumni of our chapter paid the money for this beautiful house,” James Tabor, active Sigma Chi member, said. “I can’t wait to live there and to see Sigma Chi continue to grow year after year.”