The season of pumpkin carving and painting is finally here! But as people begin customizing their pumpkins many struggle to find a new, fun way to do so. I will show you how to make your own melted crayon pumpkin (using crayon colors of your choosing) to put an artsy spin on an old Halloween tradition.

What You Need:

  • a pumpkin
  • paint and a paint brush- should be a thick paint and large brush for best effect, I used white acrylic paint (any paint color can be used, but the lighter the color the better crayon colors will show)
  • crayons- preferably newer ones so that they are all the same length to start with, I used a variety of colors for a rainbow effect
  • glue- (to hold the crayons in place atop the pumpkin) the stronger the better
  • hair dryer or lighter- to melt the crayons down the side of the pumpkin
  • newspaper/paper towels- to place under and all around your pumpkin

Step One: Prep

Begin by selecting the number of crayons and colors you would like to use. Then, peel the paper wrapping completely off of each crayon. You may use crayons that are all the same length or break them into different lengths to stagger the amount of color shown around the pumpkin. Next, place newspaper and/or paper towels underneath and all around your pumpkin. If you use a hair dryer for this craft the crayon wax tends to splatter in many directions.9

Step Two: Painting Your Pumpkin

Once you have your paper set out to protect the area around your pumpkin from paint or wax, you can now begin painting your pumpkin. You should use acrylic paint because of the thickness; I used white because it makes the colors shows up the brightest. Paint the pumpkin with two coats to fully hide the orange underneath.

Step Three: Securing/Placing the Crayons

To secure the crayons on top of the pumpkin the two coats of paint must be dry (for the glue to be able to work). While you are waiting, place your crayons side by side on your table in the order you would like them to be placed on top of the pumpkin. If you are using a variety of colors you can place them at random (as I did) or put them in rainbow order. Once the pumpkin is dry, place a small amount of your (strong) glue on the bottom of one end of the crayon and on the space by the pumpkin’s stem where you intend to place it. When attaching the crayon to the pumpkin you must press it firmly wherever it lies flat, and hold the crayon down for about one minute. Repeat this process for each crayon around the stem of the pumpkin.

Step Four: Melting the Crayons

I used a hair dryer to melt the crayons (on the highest heat and speed settings). If you use a lighter make sure it is a long stick lighter or you are likely to either burn or splatter yourself from being too close. While melting the crayons stand as far back as you can while still being able to reach (I was sprayed with wax). Hold the hair dyer or lighter very close to the crayons, moving it evenly up and down each crayon to fully melt them. You can use the air/heat from your hair dryer or lighter to push colors into each other, or allow them to melt down the sides of the pumpkin separately.

Step Five: You’re Done!

You can now display your pumpkin in your dorm or in front of your off-campus home, bringing a touch of home to school!

This craft was inspired by the Swell Designer website’s “Crayon Drip Art Tutorial” by Alexa.