On Sunday night, Chance the Rapper will be headlining the Verge Campus Tour at the Thomas M. Ryan Center.  The tour also includes electronic musician Sweater Beats and the indie pop quartet Young & Sick.

Young & Sick is led by Danish artist Nick Van Hofwegen and released their debut album earlier this year. In addition to his musical career, Van Hofwegen has designed album artwork for Foster the People, Maroon 5, Robin Thicke and others.

The Cigar interviewed Van Hofwegen by phone following a sound check at Colby College in Waterville, Maine:

Cigar: What has it been like touring with Chance and the Social Experiment crew?

Nick Van Hofwegen: It’s been great.  They’re a great band, nice guys.  They’re really wonderful people.

Cigar: You’ve just began performing live with Young & Sick in the past year, right?

Van Hofwegen: Yeah, this band that we have really came together in 2014.  The four of have been going since March.

Cigar: This being your first college campus tour, what are some of the biggest differences of playing a set at South by Southwest compared to a campus?

Van Hofwegen: Well, South by Southwest was a really hectic schedule.  It was crazy getting wedged in there with thousands of other bands.  Now, we have our full stage set up and we get sound checks.  So it works a lot nicer.  Also, getting the chance to travel and play with the other bands every night, you get to know people.  At some of the festivals, it’s so cramped and there are so many acts, it’s a constant rush backstage.

Cigar: How many other band mates will you be performing with?

Van Hofwegen: I’ll be with three other bandmates.  We have a keyboard player and a backup singer, a violinist named Kayleigh Goldsworthy.  We also have Luke Woods, who is playing synthesizers and also doing some backup vocals.  And then we have a great drummer named Steve Bryant and he is playing drums and electronic drums.  We’ll also rolling be with the wonderful sound guy who has been an integral part of our team named Benjamin Hobbs.

Cigar: How long have you been with all of them?

Van Hofwegen: Luke and Kayleigh came on, I think, last November.  Steve came on late February or March and Ben came on probably in June.  We have another crucial crew member on this tour that is Connor Crawford.  He also manages a great band Bent Denim.  He’s along with us, helping us out as well.  It’s been a great team, a great tour

Cigar: How did you get the opportunity to work with some pretty famous musicians?

Van Hofwegen: I’ve had a lot of great opportunities.  You know, you get noticed by more people and more things come through, and it’s been a really great ride.  I’m just really happy that the art and the music are both happening at the same time.  It’s been great.

Cigar: Looking forward, what can we expect to hear, or see, from you in the near future?

Van Hofwegen: The band is taking some time off and we’re going to write some music.  Hopefully, we’ll be having a large tour and some festivals in the next year.  And, yeah, there will be artwork as well, and a lot more of what we’ve been doing to make bigger and better things come.