With Halloween fast approaching, a lot of people are putting out their pumpkins and other spooky decorations. But can you decorate for fall without these scary-themed crafts? I will show you how to make garlands of leaves covered in glitter, which will still be festive and relevant even after Halloween is over, to add some sparkle to your room.

WhaDIY7-1t You Need:

  • fake leaves (can be found at your local craft store, I went to Michael’s)
  • glitter- any color you want (I used gold and silver)
  • glue- should be Elmer’s glue bottles
  • paint brush- to apply the glue to the leaves evenly (I used a foam brush)
  • string/ribbon- either will work (I used a thin ribbon)
  • hole puncher and scissors
  • newspaper or paper- to save everything you own from being covered in glitter

Step One: Prep

Lay your newspaper out on a table and set all your leaves out. If using multiple colors and shades of glitter select the number of leaves you want to use for each.

Step Two: Painting On the Glue

Squirt the glue onto a paper plate or other surface and then dip your brush into the pool of glue. Spread the glue evenly across the front side of each leaf to get them ready for the glue. If you are using a lot of leaves, choose small groups to glue at a time and then move on to the glitter step (in between cycles of gluing) so that the glue does not dry.

Step Three: Glitter

Shake the glitter onto the leaves until they are completely covered. Then let them sit for a few minutes so that the glue is able to take hold of the glitter and dry. Once dry, take one leaf at a time and shake them over a trash can so that the extra glitter will fall off.

DIY7-2Step Four: Hole Punches and Ribbon

Take your newly-glittered leaves and punch a hole at the center of the base/bottom of the leaf (where the stem would be). Next, take your ribbon or string and cut one piece per leaf; they can all be the same length or you can choose two lengths (one short and one longer) to make every other leaf hang at different heights. Tie one end of each small ribbon through a hole punch and tie the other end onto a long piece of ribbon (all of the leaves and their smaller ribbons will attach to this same long ribbon to make a garland).

Step Five: You’re Done!

You can now take your garland of glitter leaves and hang it up in your room! You can illuminate them by placing them under Christmas lights across your walls, or around your door! Tape, tacks or command strips will hold them up onto your wall.

This craft was inspired by 6th Street Design School.