Attending the University of Rhode Island is an experience that cannot be duplicated or described, only lived.

“Rhody Rhody Rhody, rams rams rams” is a chant that will be heard during the entirety of your time at URI. There are preconceived notions as to what college is supposed to consist of, but the number one rule to remember is that college is four years filled with great memories.

Provided below is a list of activities that aren’t written in a manual or taught at freshman orientation.

10 things to accomplish at URI before graduation:

  1. Tailgate before the Homecoming football game: It’s important to show school spirit for the school that is providing you with your college education. Drink beer, eat hot dogs, paint your face blue and white. Just go and get rowdy while you’re there.
  2. Go to the Beach: URI is a coastal school with beautiful beaches nearby. Enjoy the view during any season. Bring friends, music, blankets, beverages. Spend a day breathing in the salty air and putting your feet into the sand.
  3. Eat Out: Narragansett is filled with restaurants and bars. Sit by the water at the Coast Guard House, eat a hungover breakfast at Phil’s, try a infamous burger at Crazy Burger and eat Nachos at the Mews Tavern.
  4. Visit the Hundred Acre Woods: Yes, it’s in the middle of nowhere, and yes Pooh Bear is on the entrance sign. Find someone who knows where it is and take a relaxing drive to reminisce on your innocent childhood.
  5. Live “down the line”: Commonly known as Eastward, and conveniently down the street from most of the bars. Don’t just live there, attend a party or two there also. Remember you are in college, and what is acceptable now will not be in a couple years.
  6. Experience Halloweek: In college Halloween is not only Oct. 31, there is a whole week dedicated to the holiday. Borrow your friends’ costumes, get your school work done early and make it out as many nights as your body can handle.
  7. Study Abroad: If your major allows it, go see the world and explore new cultures – it may be your only chance to do it independently. Also, maintain a 2.5 GPA before hand so you are able to go study abroad.
  8. Enjoy the Campus: Soak up the sun on the quad, take a picture on the Ram statue, eat at the emporium, study at the library and wander the academic buildings. URI is your second home, embrace it.
  9. Join a Club: Academic or social. Be apart of something that you are proud of.
  10. Take a Course for Pure Enjoyment: Another purpose of college is to learn about yourself. It’s important to broaden your horizons in the classroom and find courses that both challenge you academically and stimulate happiness.

Now go do it!  Try to finish college without any regrets.