Both dorm room walls and notes/reminders can become boring and dull to look at. To help solve both of these problems at the same time, I will show you how to make a memo board and art piece out of one cork board and some string.  You can use string and tacks to create a picture with colorful string to decorate your room, and use the cork board that the tacks have been pressed into to place any notes to yourself or photographs of friends and family.

What You Need:

  • cork board- they vary in thickness, so it is up to you which one you choose
  • tacks- do not all have to match but it does make for a more uniform effect (I chose all clear, because it draws less attention away from the color and shape of the string)
  • string- this can be string, thread, thin ribbon or any other material that can be wound around the tacks (I used black sewing thread)
  • command strips- to hang your new cork board/art on your wall

Step One: Choosing Your Picture

You should pick a simple silhouette or outline that can be completely filled in (by your string). The more popular options include initials (whether one or all) or favorite shapes, I made a heart.

DIY 8Step Two: Setting the Tacks

Carefully set out each tack onto your cork board. Make sure that you place the tacks evenly, both horizontally and vertically  apart, if you want your picture to be symmetrical.

Step Three: Tying the String

Choose a starting point for your string, from which you will begin the process of winding the string around all of the other tacks repeatedly. You should knot the beginning of your string just under the top edge (at the top of the head). This way, the string will not be able to fall off, and you should knot the string twice just to be sure that it does not slide down the head of the tack as well.

Step Four: Creating Your Picture

Now you will wrap the string around the same part/height of each of the other tacks.  First, wrap your string all the way around the shape of your tacks twice to set an outline for yourself and your picture. Then you should begin winding the string around tacks that are across from each other, and attempt to continually move as most opposite of each tack as possible to create a more even pattern in the center of the tacks without making some areas appear thinner than others. After you have wound your string around every tack, repeat the process at least more time so that your picture will be visible.

DIY 8Step Five: You’re Done!

Once you have finished your winding, you may now choose a tack on which to knot your string, and cut the remaining string off. Now you can display your board and its artwork on your wall (using command strips), and use it simply as artwork or to additionally attach notes and photographs onto as well!

This craft was inspired by “According to L”’s post about “Monogram String Art”