The Good 5 Cent Cigar is produced weekly as a service to the campus community and is distributed for free with the hope that students, faculty, staff and visitors will use it to stay informed. We adamantly believe it is a serious tool toward that end and we do our best to accurately and fairly distribute important news and topics that the campus community will find valuable. Although our historic name might lead someone unfamiliar with our content to believe otherwise, we are an award-winning paper of high integrity and news value.

Although we do not collect any compensation from those who pick up a copy and read it, the paper is not inexpensive to produce. Every week we employ and compensate a full staff to report, write, edit- and produce the paper. We spend hundreds of dollars to print the paper and have it ready on campus every Thursday morning for readers. We were recently granted and spent funds toward new equipment like computers and audio recorders that we believe will greatly improve the entire process.

A portion of the funding for this comes from advertisers who have the expectation of delivering their message, product or service to readers. A larger portion of our funding comes from student fees via Student Senate – something everyone contributes to have access to the paper.

The destruction or removal of the newspaper that would in any way impact its access by the rest of the university community is a crime. Not only is it a theft of students’ funds, advertisers’ trust and staff members’ time, but it is censorship. The basis of an educated public is a free and independent press and no individuals or organizations have the right to infringe upon that.

Most recently, according to the Student Press Law Center, instances at Auburn University, Texas Wesleyan University, Elmhurst College and Iowa State University have confirmed the legal and moral issues involved with restricting other’s access to the news.

With all this in mind, we urge anyone who takes issue with anything we publish, to raise that issue with us directly. Any reports we receive of attempted or actual censorship will be investigated thoroughly and exposed by the Cigar staff, as well as reported to the relevant authorities. Not only is tampering with or disposing of our publication illegal, it is disrespectful to the hours of work our staff puts in on top of their full course load to provide a service to the university. We will take every necessary step to ensure the integrity of our paper is not infringed upon.