Exclusive to the University of Rhode Island, We’re Offering Women Wisdom (WOWW) has been reaching out to college girls for 10 years.

The goal of the club is to help freshmen and new members find their sense of belonging on campus. The members of WOWW strive to make their members feel included.  The women involved want to show new members how much their friendship is valued and that unity is encouraged by making each member .

“We welcome anyone, we want girls to know you are good enough, we want you no matter how you look, what your age,” said Courtney Walker, senior member and social co-chair.

WOWW has a big/little program which they call their mentor/mentee program. Each new member is  given a big sister who acts as a real life sister figure offering guidance and support. New members are not discriminated against on a basis of age or viewed as ‘just’ freshmen, they are considered equal to the senior members. Induction night is when the members welcome the new addition to their family and give them a “little” basket to show appreciation. This process is beneficial because it allows the mentors to give back to the next generation and the mentees to feel appreciated and accepted into their new family.

Each group meeting is flooded with positivity, creating a safe space where girls can come together and be themselves. Upcoming events include “Warm and Fuzzies,” where each member puts their name at the top of a piece of paper and every member writes something friendly underneath, and “Friendsgiving,” a potluck consisting of each family making a dish and sharing a bonding dinner experience with the club. Each meeting itinerary is specialized and there is something new to look forward to every week.

“Thursdays at 6 p.m. is the one hour a week that I can escape from all the stress of my life, all the chaos,” Walker said. “It’s a time that I know I can go gossip with my best friends, vent, receive a hug, knowing all those girls are going to be there for me. If you miss a meeting you are genuinely missed.”

The organization holds charity events to support the Rhode Island Women’s Coalition for Domestic Violence, “if you are a true WOWWer you bleed teal,” said Walker. The club’s color is teal which is one of the colors representing domestic violence. They make events that branch out to other organizations and groups on campus to help raise money for charity. This Thursday, WOWW and Sigma Chi Fraternity are hosting an event, “Battle for Charity: Heroes vs. Villains,” a costume contest where the members and fraternity brothers are dressed as heroes and villains battling for the best costume. The event will raise money with the $2 admission fee, baked goods, raffles and bidding on the best costume and all proceeds go to the charity.