Like many other college students, I love having Christmas lights in my dorm room all year round. Unfortunately, this lighting has become so common that it is less unique. To spice up your Christmas lights for the upcoming holiday season, or to give you a new reason to buy some, I will show you how to make a small but unique change using ping pong balls to give your lights a new life.

What You Need:

  • String of Christmas lights- can be one or multiple colors. I chose simply white lights.
  • Ping pong balls- again, they can be any color but white works the best.  It is okay if they have a logo or pattern on them.
  • Scissors
  • Command hooks

DIY9Step One: Planning Your Punctures

First, if the pong balls you are using have a logo then pierce all of them in the center of the logo so that it will be hidden when hung. Additionally, if there is any form of all-over pattern or logo you should attempt to pierce the same spot on each one. If you chose plain ones you can decide to puncture wherever you choose.

Step Two: Cutting Your Pong Balls

Using one blade of your scissors or a box cutter cut into the ping pong ball twice across the same spot, creating a small “x”. Be careful not to puncture too roughly or you could create a hole through the other side of the ball as well. Also, be very cautious while cutting with your scissors, keeping your fingers away from the top because the scissors could easily slip on the pong ball’s surface.

Step Three: Inserting Your Lights

Now push each individual light bulb into one of the newly created “x”s of the pong balls. Make sure to completely cover the light and its holder down to the cord/string itself for the best effect.

DIY9Step Four: You’re Done!

You can hang your (now) circular lights in your dorm. They can be hung using command (strip) hooks, and draped along the tops of your wall for a fun, festive look.

This craft was inspired by Irresistibly Happy’s “DIY Christmas Light Hack”.