While he may not have been directly elected by the student body, Senate Director of Marketing and Recruitment Jakob Frenette loves working with the student body just as much as any senator.

Frenette’s position on the executive committee is appointed by the president of the student senate and then confirmed by the other senators. As a marketing major who already had experience doing public relations work around campus, Frenette was encouraged to apply for the position by friends he had in the Senate.

While he was at first very nervous speaking on the Senate floor, Frenette learned to love the position due both to the new people he has met via the job and to the creativity he gets to use in the advertisements he creates. “I’ve always been a creative person,” he said. “It’s like my outlet for being creative, but at the same time I get to meet a lot of different people and talk to a lot of different organizations on campus.”

In addition to his work on senate, Frenette has also received training in leadership as a member of the Student Organization Leadership Consultants (SOLC). He also keeps busy as the PR Coordinator for the Student Entertainment Committee (SEC) and as PR Chair for the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, both of which he hopes will contribute to a future career in marketing.

“I love that I’m involved in these organizations because it really gave me the chance to meet so many different people,” Frenette said. “I actually met my best friend in one of the organizations I’m involved in.”

Though he does not live on campus, Frenette said he often feels like he lives in the Memorial Union due to the amount of time he spends there doing senate and SEC office hours. As a result, he has developed a love for the Ram’s Den, particularly the Milan chicken at Dennelli’s Deli, and he often hangs out there both with friends and when he needs to set some time aside to finish his work. He also frequents the Mackal Fitness Center for stress relief.

As a sophomore, Frenette is not entirely sure what his future holds. He is planning on sticking with his major, but his new experiences in student organizations still might change his mind when it comes to career plans. “I know I want to do something in marketing, but if an opportunity comes up that I think is good for me, I’ll go for it,” he said.

While Frenette says he originally chose the University of Rhode Island primarily so he could attend college with his friends, he has since grown to love the sense of community the school has. “I’m so glad I ended up coming here because there are so many opportunities for you,” he said. “The people are so nice. There’s so much involvement and spirit on this campus.”

Though Frenette’s position on senate is only guaranteed for one calendar year, he hopes that he’ll be able to continue his work both with Senate and his other organizations throughout the rest of his time at URI.