Sometimes, life happens and we just need to have a good cry, especially when midterms and finals come around and the stress is tearing us down. It can be difficult to find a private, secluded place on campus to burst into tears. If you need to let a breakdown loose, here are some spots where you might like to go:

  • The University of Rhode Island Botanical Gardens – There are multiple benches nestled in the bushes around the gardens, just waiting to console you. Now that it’s getting cooler outside, chances are you won’t find many other people here. Oftentimes, being in nature is the most healing, soothing thing for us when we’re feeling low. The beautiful scenery and sounds of nature should lift your spirits like a mother’s lullaby.
  • If you have a car – drive down by the Narragansett Town Beach off Boston Neck Road. Drive down the sea wall, past the beach and keep driving towards Scarborough Beach on Ocean Road. Before you reach the beach you will find Black Point on your left. Pull off and park in the little dirt parking lot and walk down to the ocean to a meditative spot. The drive down there is, in itself, therapeutic; Just turn up the music and let your troubles fade away.
  • The Rhode Island Yoga Center in the emporium – Yoga can be a powerful tool for managing our emotions. If you’re feeling down, consumed with rage or stress or going through a funk, some invigorating power yoga might help you release your emotions. Sweat it out!
  • The Meditation Room – Meditation can also be a useful tool. Turning inward in a non-judgmental way to observe and accept our emotions can help us move past them in a constructive and healthy way. Visit the meditation room in the 24-hour room of the library for a quiet place to turn inward.
  • Finally, there is the Counseling Center – If you’re really down and feel like you could use professional help, visit the Counseling Center on the second floor of Roosevelt Hall.