Club sports are a great way to get involved in college. Many state schools offer a wide variety of club sports. For example, the University of Florida offers almost 50 different club sports, Pennsylvania State University offers around 80, but the University of Rhode Island offers less than 20. Here is a list of five club sports that URI could participate in, some more realistic than others, to offer students a wider variety.


I am actually surprised boxing is not more popular on the collegiate level. Mostly state schools and academies participate in it, but based on its popularity nationally, I would have thought it was more present throughout the country. I am not sure if I love Rhode Island’s chances against the 2014 men’s national champion United States Military Academy, but I think we could hold our own against the University of Massachusetts. We do have a club wrestling team, so this would be the next logical step.

Underwater hockey

I am not saying this would be a particularly entertaining sport to watch, but it seems too great to pass up on. With a foot-long stick, a mask, snorkel, ear protectors, fins, a glove and two teams of six competing against each other, I could imagine this sport gets pretty intense.

Figure skating

This one is definitely the most plausible for URI, figuring universities all around New England are involved. In fact, Bryant University has a figure skating team, and the school doesn’t even have an on-campus rink. URI does, though, and they always seem to be figuring out different ways to use it. For example, not only does the Bradford R. Boss Ice Arena get used for ice hockey at all levels, but it is frequently used for free skates as well. Why not start a figure skating team?


Yes, this is an actual collegiate level club sport. Under the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association, there are 10 approved events that comprise of a rodeo. Some of them include bull riding, team roping, women’s goat tying and saddle bronco riding. Currently, Feather River College in California leads the men’s national standings and ESPNU is broadcasting the rodeos nationally. If this was an actual thing at URI, I am sure its attendance would always be high and probably higher than most varsity sports at URI. How awesome would it be to wake up on a Sunday morning and watch a student, dressed in boots, jeans, a flannel shirt and a cowboy hat run around with a 10-foot rope trying to capture a goat?


Once again, many schools around Rhode Island participate in this collegiate sport. Just to name a few, UMass Amherst, Boston University and Brown University compete in collegiate badminton. It is not like the Frank W. Keaney Gymnasium is used very often in the first place, as they only host women’s varsity volleyball and men’s club volleyball. Other than those, it is used mainly for its locker rooms. It could definitely afford to host badminton practices and maybe an event once a year.