Student groups faced off against each other in a University of Rhode Island version of the gameshow “Family Fued” on Tuesday night.

The event took place in the Memorial Union ballroom and was hosted by Powerful, Independent, Notoriously, Knowledgeable Women (PINK) and was a fundraising effort for the club’s activities.

“We came up with it in the summer,” PINK member Jaylin Eaves said. “We plan to make it an annual event.”

Players registered in teams of five, with each round consisting of two teams. The question board was projected on a screen onstage. Each question had five or six correct answers. When a contestant answered correctly, the answer would appear onscreen. A buzzer went off for every incorrect answer.

Questions during the first round included “name the reason you might have to stop during a long road trip,” “name something brides want to be perfect on their wedding day” and “name a behavior that gives you away when you tell a lie.”

After a 10-minute intermission at 7:15 p.m., the next group of teams faced off. This round included questions such as “name something you wish you had if you were running away from a vampire.”

A second intermission commenced at 7:55 p.m. The next few rounds consisted of the winners’ bracket, the losers’ bracket and the semifinals. Players answered questions including “name the most expensive item in your refrigerator,” “name a well-known character who is green” and “name something men think they know more than women.”

The competition ended with the “Fast Money” round. This round consisted of only two players, one from each winning team. Unlike the previous rounds, in which the answers were revealed as soon as players answered the questions, the winner was not revealed until after each contestant answered.

The “Fast Money” questions all revolved around URI itself, including “What is the top student complaint about campus life?” and “What is the best place to hang out on campus?” Each player had 20 seconds to answer as many questions as possible.

The winning team was S.S.J.B.Q. Prizes included free entry to next semester’s Big Bang dance party event.

“Family Feud” is a television game show that initially premiered in 1976 and is currently hosted by actor Steve Harvey. Though it originally began as an American program, there are also several international spinoffs.