As college students, buying holiday gifts for all our friends and family can often put a serious strain in our not-so-large budgets. So how do you make a personal, yet inexpensive present this season? I will show you how to create and personalize your own snow globe to make this year a little more affordable on a student budget.

What You Need:

  • Glass jar- must have a lid, (best if the lid screws on.)
  • Ceramic or water-resistant object- part of making your gift personal (I used a tiny teddy bear.)
  • Glitter- any size or color of pieces will do, but the smaller the jar the smaller the pieces should be (I used silver glitter because it looks similar to snow.)
  • Glue- Gorilla glue or a glue gun work the best (but must be very strong to keep the water from leaking out.)

DIY11Step One: Your Centerpiece

Pick the star of your snow globe, a small object, either by using an old piece with sentimental value or by buying a new one. Make sure that the object will be easily discernible within the water-filled globe and that it will be resistant to the water so that it will not deteriorate within the globe. Once you have selected your piece take the lid of your glass jar and flip it over so that the bottom/inside is face-up. Then, line the entire bottom of your object with glue and place it in the center of the bottom of the lid. Hold the piece in place for about one minute to ensure its sealed hold.

Step Two: Making Snow

Take your glitter and pour it into the bottom of your jar, fully covering the bottom. Use the glitter very sparingly or it will cover your object completely once the water is added. After pouring the glitter, fill the jar until it is nearly full with water. If your object is small in comparison to your jar, only leave a sliver of air at the top.

Step Three: Securing the Lid

Before placing your lid back on top of your jar (with your newly attached centerpiece), line the inside edge of your lid with glue so that it will stick in place permanently. Then, screw/place your lid back onto your jar with the object hanging upside down. Make sure to close the lid as tightly as possible so as not to allow any of the water to escape and hold the lid in place for about one minute to let the glue dry.

Step Four: You’re Done!

Now flip your jar so that the lid is on the bottom and you have your very own homemade snow globe! Just shake the jar and watch the glitter snow fall.

This craft was inspired by A Little Craft in Your Day’s example.