A sorority at the University of Rhode Island hosted a concert this week to benefit a philanthropic health care organization.

On-campus women’s pharmacy organization Lambda Kappa Sigma sponsored the Hope Rocks Benefit Concert. All proceeds will go toward Project HOPE (Health Opportunities for People Everywhere).

Project HOPE was founded in 1978 by William B. Walsh. Based in Millwood, Virgnia, it is an international organization which provides health care and health education. The project also travels abroad and works to eradicate disease in developing countries.

It was a full house on Tuesday, with many URI students in attendance. The event took place in Atrium 1 of the Memorial Union. It was initially scheduled to start at 7 p.m., though the first band came onstage at 7:30 p.m. Admission was $5 at the door, and additional donations for Project HOPE were accepted.

The concert featured all local and student bands, including Wax On, Sidecar and Northeast Traffic.

Wax On is a New England-based band consisting of four members, Dan Cady, Nick Capezzuto, Mike Colucci and Luke Pelletier. They released their first album, “Operation Midnight Climax,” in April. Their set at the concert included a variety of ska and punk songs.

The second group, Sidecar, is the acoustic duo of Nate Lukas and Matt Satagata. They have played at open mic nights and other music events on campus in the past.

They played a set consisting of five songs, including two Iron & Wine covers and a version of New Order’s “Love Vigilantes” inspired by Iron & Wine’s arrangement of the song. After they finished their set, the audience demanded an encore.

The final performance of the evening was by Northeast Traffic, a Providence-based jam rock and funk band. Consisting of members Alex Claros, Sam Clemens, Joseph Krapf, Nick Parisi and Burke White, the band played several rock songs during their set.

Northeast Traffic will also be performing at a music event in Pawtucket on Nov. 20.

Though Lambda Kappa Sigma has worked with Project HOPE in the past, this was the first Hope Rocks concert at URI.

More information about the featured bands can be found on their websites and Facebook pages.