As the end of the semester approaches, motivation levels start to drop. It seems the only pressing issue consuming everyone’s mind is binge watching Netflix in the comforts of your bed.

Night caps once consisting of alcohol slowly turn into a hot cup of tea to wind down after the day, and the thrill of going out becomes a myth. Nights out are now a “party for one” in your pajamas.

5 Ways to Survive the Social Blues:

-YOLO: The once popular phrase, “You only live once,” is still a lifestyle. Consider the fact that time is precious, and your youth shouldn’t be wasted by staying in on the weekends. Friday is the most anticipated day of the week, and once Monday comes back around you’ll be wishing you had utilized the weekend more. Embrace your free time and live.

-Get a Hobby: Embrace the spot you have destined as your comfy spot. It could become a place for meditation, to read an engaging book, craft, write, anything that involves being active and not browsing the Internet for hours. You will begin to feel like you are making your time useful.

Consider Every Cliche: Carpe Diem, live in the moment, the best is yet to come, live in the now. Blast music, get your blood rushing, remember what it’s like to look presentable, and go out. It’s basically mandatory in college to blow off some steam after a stressful week. Have a fun night out and let lose, it will help even if it seems hopeless.

-Remember: After finals, you will be back home for an entire month. That’s right, home under your guardians roof, which means under their supervision. Their curfew, their dress code. These limitations may decrease the amount of opportunities to go out a significant amount. You may feel invincible at school but that’s subject to change once entering their turf.

-Indoor Activities: The purpose is to go out but if you decide to stay in instead, make it productive. Try out a new recipe, make up a drinking game to a movie, invite friends over and throw your own party. Try and do whatever keeps you social when all you want to do is hibernate in your bedroom.

It’s time to change that “stay in” mindset. Be receptive and enjoy the last couple weeks of the semester.