Dear Readers,

One of my favorite parts of my week is watching strangers read the paper on Thursday morning.  I realize this sounds a little creepy, but you have to understand that before this year I could count the amount of times I saw someone reading a paper, that was not placed in their hands by me, on one hand.

On behalf of our entire staff, I want to extend a thank you to the University of Rhode Island community for your continued support this semester.  While each tweet, comment, follow, like, view, share and kind word in the hallway mean the world to us, for me, none of them top the feeling of seeing someone I don’t know reading the paper.

We have big things in the works for next semester, so please continue to help us encourage community engagement in our publication by picking up the paper every week and when you like what you read, pass it along.

Your support has made our sleepless Wednesday nights worthwhile, so thank you for reading!