The University of Rhode Island Student Senate approved recognition and funding for the Talent Development Student Advisory Council last night.

The Talent Development Student Advisory Council, also known as TD SAC,  will serve as an advocate for the Talent Development community. Talent Development, was founded as a way for students of all races who would not normally be admitted into a university to be able to receive that education.  Although the group’s name can be associated with the Talent Development program, the group is not academically affiliated and will serve directly to the students and for the students as a form of support and advisory.

TD SAC welcomes both Talent Development students and non-Talent Development students. Members of TD SAC hope to educate the URI community on the purpose behind the Talent Development program and put an end to all the negative stereotyping that has been imposed on Talent Development students. In order to spread awareness on campus, TD SAC plans to organize events with guest speakers who will address important social issues.

Student Organization Advisory Review Committee chairwoman Amanda Rode, was a primary advocated for the group, “A group like this will create equality on our campus and get rid of the negative connotation,” Rode said.

After actively debating the request, and a very close vote, student senate was able to come to the unanimous agreement that the group is a very important and needed addition to the campus. However, agreeing on whether or not the group should receive funding through the senate was more difficult. Ultimately, the senate voted on recognizing the Talent Development Student Advisory Council as a senate founded club.

In other news:

  • The Student Senate is running their 4th annual Ace of Cakes event where students are to compete in groups of two to six members to decorate the best cake. Students interested in the competition must register at, and submit a down payment of $10, which will be returned on the day of the event.
  • The URI Powerlifting Club’s request for new equipment to increase their performance levels was approved by the Student Senate. The club was also recently awarded second place in the collegiate cup competition and will soon compete in a national level competition.
  • Student Senate recognizes a new unfounded club called Generation Students. This club will serve as a spiritual network, helping students build a spiritual community.
  • The Student Senate also approved funding for editors of The Good Five Cent Cigar to attend a journalism convention in California where they will learn new strategies on newspaper managing and compete in a national level with other school newspapers.