Social media superstars Jerome Jarre and Casey Neistat share their unique stories

Last Friday night, Vine mega-star, Jerome Jarre and filmmaker, Casey Neistat each showcased pieces of their own work while somewhat humorlessly delving deeper into their own dreams as they continue to move forward into the next chapters of their lives.

The event began at 5 p.m. in Brown University’s Salomon Center and started with a brief introduction and video presentation by The Nantucket Project (TNP). TNP hosts prominent and up-coming thinkers and innovators in various fields, and whose CEO, Tom Scott, is also the co-founder of Nantucket Nectars.

After the video, Neistat took the stage to welcome Jarre, his friend, but most notably, The Vine Guy. The French Snapchat, Vine and social media entrepreneur currently averages 140,000 story views after having a single “my story” displayed for 15 minutes, hosts over 8 million followers on Vine and over 1 million on Twitter. Jarre’s energetic entrance prompted by Neistat could be described somewhat as a whirlwind, causing the many girls in the audience to scream.

Jarre has quite a following with the younger generations. Many of the people in attendance ranged in teen to pre-teen age and are those who are constantly using the short video apps like Snapchat and Vine.

Eager to impact the lives of his fans, Jarre was quick to point out that making others smile is his favorite thing to do. Whether it’s his virtual face found on millions of screens or in person, Jarre loves making people laugh. Within the first few minutes, he was lying on stage snapping selfies and then agreeing that a “selfie-conga-line” can be improvised after the show.

Jarre was always bullied when he was younger in France and claims that many “toxic” people created a standstill in his life. In college he was constantly drinking and partying. It was not until he made a huge change: dropping out of business school and moving to China, did Jarre start improving his life in a positive way. Most of Jarre’s speech was filled with life lessons and tips on living a life without fear.

After leaving China to come to New York City in 2013, Jarre spent a decent amount of time homeless, sleeping on floors and making those now infamous six second videos. Sunday, he spent the night attending the 2015 Grammy’s.

Jarre then welcomed Neistat back to the stage and prompted Neistat to tell his story.

Neistat was a high school dropout and became a dad at the age of 17. He moved to NYC and pursued the film industry, picking up any and every job that someone offered him, involving a camera. In 2003, Neistat gained international fame, with his film, “iPod’s Dirty Secret”, which targeted Apple’s non-existent battery replacement program for the iPod. Recently, Neistat has worked with clients such as Nike, J.Crew and Mercedes-Benz.

During Neistat’s time on stage, he shared a roughly 30 minute video documentary on his life. Viewers got the sense that this act was very hard for Neistat as he acknowledged the fact that he had never shown such a personal piece of work to an audience so far in his life. It was fascinating and depicted many of the hardships he dealt with, such as living on welfare in a trailer park and being a teen dad. The highlights of the documentary included the videos of his first born son Owen growing up before the camera’s eyes.

At the end of the film, Neistat concluded that “our” fears, as a privileged society living in America, are nothing compared to those of others living in scarier places in the world. He said that because he has been at the relative bottom of what our nation has to offer and survived, he is not afraid of failing.

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