The University of Rhode Island Faculty Senate decided against extending the semester to Saturday, May 2, following this semester’s lost class time.

In a meeting Thursday afternoon in Kirk Auditorium, Bahram Nassersharif, chairperson of the Faculty Senate, said because of this winter’s weather, class schedules have been sacrificed. “Some classes are managed through Sakai, which is appreciated, but does not solve the problem for everyone,” he said.

The Academic Standards and Calendar Committee presented their proposed plan at the meeting. Their original proposed calendar set Friday, March 6 as a makeup for Monday evening classes starting at or after 4 p.m. Extending the last day of classes from Wednesday, April 29 to Saturday, May 2. Friday, May 1 would serve as a Tuesday schedule and Saturday, May 2 as a Wednesday schedule, maintaining the exam period as originally scheduled.

A representative at the meeting from the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team spoke out about how her team has regionals the weekend that the proposed classes would extend through. “It would really hurt me to ask my team not to go to regionals,” she said.

After deliberating the suggested calendar, members of the Faculty Senate and attendants of the meeting, which included both students and non-board members, came to a finalized schedule, different from the original proposal. It was decided that Friday, March 6 and March 27 will both serve as makeup days for Monday evening classes starting at or after 4 p.m. The senate passed a motion to make Thursday, April 30 last day of classes with Friday, May 1 as a reading day.

Before coming to a full amendment, attendants of the meeting voiced their opinion. A student studying engineering spoke out saying, “I really need those reading days to learn the material I’m studying in my classes.”

Associate professor William Gordon said, “I think April 30 is too little too late. Students are already ready for finals and ready to get out of here. I don’t think jamming things into the end of the semester is a good education.”

These plans are proposed as an option that faculty may take advantage of, but it is not mandatory.

The Faculty Senate also approved a statement allowing the smaller Faculty Senate Executive Committee to act on behalf of the senate for the remainder of the Spring 2015 semester regarding the rescheduling of classes. Any action of the Executive Committee will be subject to a public hearing with 48 hours notice.