“From the sporty girl to the make-up queen, we want Her Campus to be interesting to everyone,” said Sabrina Galiney, editor-in-chief of the University of Rhode Island’s new chapter of the website, Her Campus.

The online community, which features news stories and blog posts written by college women for college women, launched its URI chapter Feb. 3.

Similar to the popular sites Barstool Sports and Total Frat Move, which publish content specifically for college males, HC strives to provide college women with articles and material tailored to their unique interests.

The HC website is divided into different sections such as life, health, love, LGBTQ, etc. In addition to the website’s main page, each university or college has its own microsite or chapter. These chapters are similar to the larger HC website, but focus on the specific college.

“For example, I can write about the Hope Dining Hall or living down the line without having to provide context,” Galiney said.

Within URI’s HC chapter, students can read articles from six different sections including feature, blog, campus cutie, campus celebrity, events and snapshots.

While the feature section shares newsworthy stories, students can read more opinionated pieces in the blog section. Campus cutie places the spotlight on a male or female student who caught a writer’s eye and has something interesting to share with the URI community. HC writers use the events tab to post flyers and notices about activities on campus, and share their photographs of campus life in the Snapshots gallery.

“My favorite section of the website is definitely campus celebrity,” Galiney said. “I think it is so important to highlight students who are working hard and making a name for themselves outside of the normal responsibilities of being a college student.”

After reading a HC article by a friend from Providence College, Galiney knew that she would be interested in contributing to URI’s chapter, but was quick to learn that no such website existed. She applied to be a campus correspondent and the editor-in-chief of a new URI HC microsite. She has worked with an executive team of four writers, four editors, six marketers and three photographers to bring URI’s chapter to life.

Her team includes Caroline Ibrahim as a photographer and Jessica Schwartz as a marketer.

“I love being a part of HC because we’re a huge group of girls with the same passion and goal of publishing relatable articles to URI students,” Schwartz said. She is responsible for marketing work such as posting on social media and spreading the word about HC.

Ibrahim mainly contributes to the Snapshot section of the HC microsite.

“It’s a great feeling when I go on social media and see that people are sharing photos that I took,” Ibrahim said.

In addition to photography and marketing, Ibrahim and Schwartz occasionally write articles to help the group reach their publishing requirements each week.

URI’s HC chapter is required to update each section of the website at least once every week, and must update its social media accounts at least three times a week.

So far HC URI has covered sorority life, fashion at the Grammy Awards, gift guides, restaurant reviews and more. Galiney plans to incorporate more event reviews and news stories about local and national news.

“The number one thing I want students to know about Her Campus is that we want to post unique articles that represent women with all types of lifestyles, opinions and values,” she said.