Let’s face it (literally). We all have zits, pimples and blemishes that appear when we least want them and disappear only when they’re forgotten. You’ve tried everything from infomercial specials to homeopathic remedies. But how do you know what really works?

It can be confusing deciding what products to try, whose advice to take and how to stay consistent. Hayden Panettiere, in commercials for “Clean and Clear”, claims that it’s easy to keep her skin “clean, clear and under control,” but we all know she has better than average skin, or at least a good makeup artist.

“Burt’s Bees” preaches “good for all, good for us, good for you” in their mission, but is it actually all that good for you? You’ve spent plenty of time, money and effort unsuccessfully fighting your own body with chemicals, only to wake up and find another imperfection in the mirror. It’s time to try a new, more natural approach.

For those painful, daily blemishes that have just surfaced (you all know what I am talking about) your solution is in essential oils. There are endless benefits and infinite combinations of essential oils, but the most effective cocktail for keeping healthy skin is tea tree and eucalyptus.

Here’s what you need: a two-ounce bottle of tea tree oil and a two-ounce bottle of eucalyptus oil. Put about 15 drops of each in a small (2-4 ounce) spray bottle (find one of these at CVS or an equivalent), fill the rest with water and viola. You have it! Spray it everywhere as a cure-all. Though I recommend spraying after the shower, before bed, on any recent blemishes, anywhere dry or cracked, or whenever you feel like maintaining your healthy skin.

The best part of this natural remedy is that you can use it for anything. Does your boyfriend have smelly feet? Spray his shoes. Looking for a room freshener that isn’t the same old boring Yankee Candle scent from 1998? Spray your room. Want to clean your hands but don’t want to dry them out with that questionable foam soap in your bathroom? Spray your hands. I use this tea tree spray frivolously, and it has had a dramatic impact on the health of my skin and the cleanliness of my room (and car).

Although these essential oils may first appear more expensive than your facial cleanser from CVS, the oils must be diluted in water and therefore will last for as long as an entire semester or more, depending on your use. Rather than looking at this cost as a hit to your wallet, consider it an investment in your health.

Of course, overall health is much more than just a spray. In these winter months, it is easy to forget the simple things that regulate our health. Number one on my list of staying healthy is proper hydration; drink water often and good health will follow. Mix it up with a good green, mint, or ginger tea, especially with snowstorms every other day.