Anyone can take out their iPhone and snap a picture of anything. Today, everyone on Instagram and other social networks can coin themselves as a  photographer. There is, however, a significant difference between those who photograph for fun and those who take it more seriously. The University of Rhode Island’s photography program attracts students who are ready to take their artistry to the next level. One sophomore student, Kimberly Manjuck, has used her talent to separate herself from the crowd.

“A lot of the work I get is through word of mouth,” said Manjuck. “My friends know I’m a photographer and through them I got a gig doing a Kappa Delta photo shoot on campus. It really is all about starting off little. The more work I do the more people I come in contact with. This helps me expand my business.”

Manjuck currently uses Facebook and Instagram to display her artwork. She is also a photographer for “” which is a campus based website similar to BuzzFeed.

Courtesy: Kimberly Manjuck
Courtesy: Kimberly Manjuck

“In the future I hope to expand and make my own website to market myself,” said Manjuck. “The outlets I use now do help me obtain gigs though.”

It takes a certain kind of person to have the vision and patience to create artwork. Those who take upon this task see it as no simple formula or routine. It takes a significant amount of time to develop the skills necessary to produce high quality work.

“I think it’s all about perspective and how you view an image,” she said. “Depth of field and the angle at which you approach an image are a huge part of it. It boils down to where you focus your attention while you take a picture. When I do a shoot I take close to 1,000 photos. It’s a lot of trial and error. Developing yourself is all about trying new things. At the end you find your best result.”

Manjuck knew what she wanted to do long before she was applying for colleges.

“I started taking pictures when I was little with disposable cameras,” she said.  “I have a ton of 5×7 prints of my American girl dolls. As I grew up, my parents got me a digital camera. It really grew on me. After taking photography in high school I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

“I like to find different and interesting angles and focuses. A lot of my Instagram pictures are sunsets. But I like to diversify and manipulate my photo’s using techniques such as foreshortening. An example of this is when you might make a persons hand look larger than their face.” said Manjuck.

Even though photography is a very competitive field, Manjuck is optimistic about the future.

“I enjoy taking photos of people. One day I want to open up my own studio and do family portraits and weddings. I want to capture moments that are important to other people.”