In Hangzhou, China, Harrison Kratter, is most widely known not for manufacturing of his popular “selfie sticks,” but for his “flash chargers.”

For nearly three years he has been creating this product that, according to him “is a portable cell phone charger to charge any iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphones. It will charge your phone twice to 100 percent and then you can bring it around with you.”

Kratter is a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island who double-majors in global business and Mandarin, he will be leaving to study abroad in Shanghai next week for a semester at Fudan University. While he is just starting his semester there, he has been connected with China for as long as his business has been around.

“I developed the product a few years ago,” said Kratter. “Before that I was dealing a lot with China for my other company. While there, I got samples of one of those iPhone case battery things, and asked what else they have, so they sent me something similar from a Chinese factory. Since then I’ve been developing the Flash Chargers.”

While he only sells his products in the United States, he has them all manufactured outside of the country. “I have everything manufactured in Shenzhen, China, which is where all the factories are.” While that might seem like a difficult feat, he said that “it is a lot harder to sell it than to get it.”

While the Flash Chargers are his main product, he also sells iPhone cables, selfie-sticks, wooden clocks and multiple different models of the Flash Charger itself.

“The way I sell most of my products is through things like Groupon. There are a lot of sites like that. I advertise on those kind of sites and then say it’s like 50 percent off, sell [a lot] of it and then ship them out.” His prices for the Flash Charger specifically range between $19.95 and $50, depending on the model.

While Kratter  will be studying abroad in China for the semester and he hopes internationally in the summer, do not let that stop you from saving yourself from the agonizing pain of a dead cell phone on a Saturday night, miles from your own charger and desperately wanting to get back to it. Thanks to Kratter’s product, you can carry around a charger with you wherever you go.