Even though the actual Ace of Cakes was not in the building Monday night, the Student Senate’s Ace of Cakes contest wasn’t lacking in either attendance or talent.  The event’s 27 competing teams including members from student clubs and Greek life, as well as other independent groups of students.

From the moment the timer went off, students were racing to retrieve frostings, dyes and assortments of candies provided.  In the 45 minutes the competition allotted them, the once simple pound cakes provided by the University of Rhode Island Dining Services were quickly transformed into masterpieces.

The only design challenge each group faced was figuring out how to somehow work a paper umbrella into the theme.  Many groups thought on their feet to constructed beach themed cakes, such as the Student Alliance for the Welfare of Africa (SAWA),  who produced a graham cracker sand beach, complete with a cabana.

Other groups went a little more outside of the box, however, and constructed the unexpected.  There were cakes with three-dimensional sculptures, cakes that played music, Van Gogh edible Starry Night recreations and even a Quidditch cake from the Rhody Ridgebacks.

All cakes were judged across three different categories: most creative, best usage of challenge material and best overall.  The Art Club took home the title of most creative after constructing their smoking volcano, complete with dry ice, and the overall effect did not fail to impress.  For best usage of the challenge material was the Asian Student Association (ASA), with their construction of the Ying Yang and surrounding national flags of their members.

The best overall cake was awarded to the URI Puppy Raisers, a student group on campus that helps to train guide dogs for the visually impaired, who designed a cake to resemble an actual puppy.

For students that weren’t taking home any prizes at the end of the night, they still viewed the event as a positive experience.  When asked on a whim to attend by a friend, student James Schnackenberg said, “it sounded like a fun and cool event and a great way to bond with friends.”  Other students, such as Cynthia Michaud saw the event as a much needed study break that allowed her to spend time with friends in a creative and constructive way.

Free cake was not the only cause taken up by the Student Senate, however. Each year the event helps in bringing students together and gets them more involved in student life.

“Our goal is to promote community and create lasting traditions on campus that will bring different groups together, which is exactly what food does,” said Sarah Patterson, cultural affairs chair. “Giving away free cake is definitely a great way to get people together. Also, we raise money for the URI Rhody Outpost, which is a local food bank, right atop campus that provides food for URI families around the Kingston area.”

For all students who didn’t ask for their $10 deposit back, they may rest assured that all proceeds will be going to a worthy charity.  At the moment, Student Senate is confident that they’ve raised upwards of $200 for donation.