If I had to choose one thing that I am glad I discovered here, I would say it would be pumpkin. I know that can sound weird but let me explain this to you. Everything began when my roommate Julia, one sunny morning of September, came home with a big pumpkin. I asked her, “Is this for Halloween?” “No,” she said, “it’s fall, pumpkin is back!”

Astonished, I needed some explanations. So she told me that in the USA, and especially in New England, fall is pumpkin season. And indeed, I soon discovered it was real: coffee shops, restaurants, decorations…pumpkin was everywhere.

As the adventurous girl I am, I decided to try the famous pumpkin spice latte (PSL for those “in the know”). This was the beginning of a love story that would not end. As I am writing these words, I am still, in February, addicted to this orange, round and cute vegetable.

After this discovery, I wanted to try every pumpkin product on the market. And oh god there are a lot! Impossible mission. From the cereals to the cookies, including yoghurts, Oreos and beers (tested and approved), the pumpkin spice even infiltrated shampoos, Pringles and dog food!

Thanks to the pumpkin, the fall season is not the dull and sad one it is in France. I understand now why it is the favorite season of so many Americans. My friends here and in France can tell you that I am obsessed with it. I tried a lot of delicious recipes that I want to bring back home, and I even thought of creating a pumpkin business there! Indeed, pumpkin is not at all known in France; this is only a Halloween symbol. I have a mission, making the French aware of all the wonderful properties of the pumpkin. My favorite are the pumpkin bread, the PSL, the pumpkin Oreos and the pumpkin gnocchi.  What I am sure of is that I will really miss the PSL next October, when I will walk to my college in Rennes under the rain…