It’s a Friday night and you have a long list of names that you have romantic interests in. Sure, you could take them out to dinner at Rhody Joes. Maybe if you want to pinch a few pennies you can drag them to the King of Burgers. But wait, there is an end to the means which can solve all of your dating inadequacies. The best part is, it only costs about $9 a month. There is also free russian dating sites.

Realistically, going on a date is hard and it requires more thinking than necessary. If you have a laptop and your friend forgot to log out of their Netflix account from when you watched “Parks and Rec” last week, then you’ve got libraries of options for attracting those who your heart reaches out to.

Netflix, widely regarded on college campuses as, “Sexflix”, has been helping awkward situations turn into saucy nights full of fun. Everyone enjoys movies and TV shows, but they are even better appreciated when in good company. That is why those who have limited resources to get off campus have begun transitioning their “nights out” to “nights in”.

“I have heard a lot of stories from friends who invite girls over to watch Netflix,” said one student who wished to remain anonymous. “Most of them are just friends but it’s still an easy way to get one-on-one time with someone you might be interested in. There’s nothing wrong with staying in especially with the insane amount of snow we’ve been having.”

Some students have been exceedingly successful with using their Netflix subscription as an ice breaker. However, its usefulness extends beyond easy dates and and luring your love interests to spend time with you.

One sophomore said, “Netflix makes it more fun to hang out with people that I’m not all that comfortable with. Often times I really do build connections with these people. We can connect over mutual enjoyment of shows like, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, or “How I Met Your Mother”. In cases where things aren’t how I thought they might turn out I can always ignore them and just watch some of my favorite shows. It’s a win-win situation.”

This use extends to those who aren’t very social or have difficulty meeting other people.

A senior at the University of Rhode Island said, “Some people aren’t all that involved on campus or in their majors. They might not enjoy going out on the weekends or trying to meet new people. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten groups of people together for movie nights. It’s nothing new but I understand why it has become so widespread on campus.”

Either way, this affordable, magical dating device will surely unlock all of your classmates’ hearts.