This past week has been by far my favorite since I got to Ireland, since my family was able to join me for ten days.

They landed in Ireland the day before St. Patrick’s Day, perfect timing and immediately fell in love just like I did. I was lucky enough to join them for the 10 days exploring the west coast.

I detoured on St. Paddy’s day to Dublin to watch the highly talked about parade and enjoy some green beer. Although the floats were a bit odd, Dublin’s parade did not disappoint.

The next day I got to join my family in the small famous town of Doolin, located only 20 minutes from the Cliffs of Moher. It was here I found my favorite pub in Ireland, Gus O’Connor’s.

Doolin, although quiet during our visit, was my favorite part of Ireland. The locals were all so friendly and excited to share the love for their town. While Ireland is known for the rain, somehow my family stayed the one-week it was straight sunshine.  Luckily enough, full of sun, we saw the Cliffs of Moher.

The Cliffs of Moher were like nothing I have ever seen. They stretch on and on with a most beautiful view of the Atlantic  Ocean. You can get as close to the edge as you want, for the perfect picture people were not afraid to take. Tourists would sit right on the edge of these extreme cliffs with no fear, I, unfortunately could not get up the courage.

We finished our stay in Doolin with a walk along the beach at the front yard of our cottage, and a pint of Guinness at Gus O’Connor’s.

My family really knew how to pick the towns, because our next destination was the also famous Dingle. Dingle and the Dingle Peninsula is surrounded by the Pacific ocean, palm trees and beautiful beaches.

With more and more surprise, the sun continued to shine as we explored the Dingle Peninsula. A completely coastal drive along the small winding roads, the views were the best I have seen.

To my left were sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and small islands. To my right were amazing mountainsides and fields and fields of sheep. Which, to point out, I have never seen so many sheep in my life and believe there may be more in Ireland than people.

Dingle reminds me of Newport, Rhode Island. Shops and pubs all along small, winding roads right on the water. Since from Easter Break on is the busy season, it seemed as though we had much of the town to ourselves. We stayed in a cottage right in the center and enjoyed walking all around.

It is easy to tell this place must be crazy in the summertime, and even the locals didn’t hide how busy the preparation and season is.

We stayed for three nights in Dingle and then sadly had to make our way from the coast back to Limerick and I had to get back to the school work.

It was by far my favorite week in Ireland and I wish my family didn’t have to leave and they wish that too. It doesn’t take much to fall in love with Ireland; my mom is already planning when she can come back in the future.

But  as they leave back for the states, I will also be leaving the country for spring break. Myself as well as a group of my friends will be leaving Friday for Italy and Greece trip.

We will start in Rome, Italy for three days, also travel to Italy’s coast for two more days and then will take a boat cruise to Greece’s Island of Corfu. It will be a trip of a lifetime and I am so lucky to be able to go. Cheers!