The summer education program at the University of Rhode Island offers opportunities to study abroad in ten countries including France, Greece, Tanzania, Italy and India for the summer of 2015.

URI Summer Sessions are five week and 10 week courses offered at reduced tuition. This programs aims to ensure that students graduate on time or even ahead of time. “Summer is a good way to focus on a personally challenging course or as a way to lighten your load during the Fall and Spring semesters,” according to the website of URI Summer Sessions. Alongside the academic and credit benefits that the program provides, a highlight of it is the abundant opportunities of experiencing and exploring in a different country.

The study abroad programs are URI faculty-led programs that are open to URI students, non-URI students, degree-seeking students and non degree-seeking students. Students will be able to choose from studying in Bermuda, Cape Verde, China, France, Greece, India, Italy, Peru, Spain and Tanzania. Each program is offered at a different time and provides credits for different courses. For instance, students studying in Cape Verde will earn three to six credits for AAF 300 and WRT 302, and students studying in Peru will earn six credits for MLS 590.

Domenic Angelino, a second-year student with major in kinesiology and minors in nutrition and psychology, is excited about the opportunity to study Spanish in Salamanca, Spain, which will be his first time travelling abroad. He chose Salamanca because, “Salamanca is both affordable and close enough to Portugal that in my experience, I will be able to travel to at least two countries!”

Angelino hopes to travel to many countries in the future. The fact that he can go to one right now is exciting for him. “Being able to go to any of them now just blows my mind,” he said. “It’s incredible to me seeing as I’ve never even come close to leaving the United States. I have been interested in travelling for a while. Growing up I never really got to explore or get all too far away from Rhode Island. But now that I’m older, I have that opportunity, and I feel that studying abroad is the best catalyst for satiating my desire.”

He is both “excited and nervous” about this opportunity. He has applied to various scholarships hoping to receive enough funding for his trip.  “I’m so nervous because whether or not I receive enough funding determines the fate of my experience,” he said. Different scholarships are available on the website of the Office of International Education including Academic Programs International (API) Affiliate Scholarship, URI Faculty-Led Program Scholarship, Beatrice S. Demers Foreign Language Fellows Program, etc.

“If it were to occur though, I would look forward to everything. I’m just waiting for all of those small things unbeknownst to me now that will make the experience worthwhile to come and find me,” Angelino said of the upcoming possibility.