If you have lived in a dorm at all during your college career, you probably know both how great and how horrible it can be to live with other students.  For the residence advisors at the University of Rhode Island, a free room and a stipend meal plan does not come cheap.

Having the responsibility and stress of looking after other college students is a taxing task, and that is just when things are going good.  When things go wrong, it can be traumatizing for the residences and RAs alike.  For the mishaps, the mix-ups or even the paranormal, RAs have some interesting stories to share.


  • “I had a couple residents my first year being an RA while I was in Adams, and each room had the ceiling where you had this tile that could move.  In one room the tile was open a little bit, like it was kind of coming down. So one night, a resident was sleeping and a few mice fell out of the ceiling on top of her on top of her head. She probably moved out real quick.” – John Cencracchio, RA Browning Hall
  • “I’ve been working in residence life for 14 years, and lots of situations have come up. But one that that sticks out in my mind as one of those “you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me” moments would be when I was in my apartment, and I heard what sounded like someone yelling for help. That’s something you don’t usually encounter, because most times people just knock on a door.  They were also saying, “get off me,” and “stop it, I’ve had enough,” and I heard a slamming door.  So now I was starting to get concerned that there’s some kind of fight going on, which ramps up my anxiety level. And it sounded close, so I got out of my apartment and went upstairs to look around, and there’s no one to be found, its completely silent, the screaming has stopped.  I went back to my apartment, and about 10 minutes later it starts up again, and I realize, maybe it’s not up, its down.  The basement of the building is normally locked.  I went down and I peaked around and there was a student sitting in a chair, wearing an orange jumpsuit, looking kind of messed up and someone else standing over him like an interrogation, and another student standing there filming it for a film project.” – Daniel Taylor, Hall Director: Aldrich, Burnside, Coddington, and Gorham
  • “I was on call one three-day weekend when everyone went home, and I’m texting my boss to tell her I’m scared, and if she doesn’t hear from me, I’m the new ghost of Adams Hall.  As I’m walking through these hallways, and I got this chill on the back of my neck while I was on the third floor, and as I approached the third floor north, walking in the midst of it the lights suddenly go out.  After that, I still had to do the fourth floor and make it back to my room. I literally sprinted up the stairs and went screaming through the hallways.  I stayed there for the rest of the night.” – Tommy Muth, RA Adams Hall