The Electronic Music Association was approved for $1,125 in funding for their annual dance party, entitled “Lost in Wonderland”, to fund the DJs and sound equipment for their event at the University of Rhode Island Student Senate meeting last night.

The Electronic Music Association has been a club on campus for the last 13 years, and this is the lowest amount that they have ever asked for. “I really appreciate the group’s effort at cutting down costs,” said Student Senate Finance Chairman Cody Anderson.

Pink Women’s President Crystal Moreno advocated for her group’s sixth annual Unsung Heroine Awards. The Unsung Heroine Awards is an event to honor outstanding women in both local and other communities, showing the group’s gratitude and recognition for these women through the banquet.

Pink was granted the $1,300 that they requested from Student Senate, as the Senate was impressed by the group already raising $500 on their own to reach their $1,800 goal for the event.

A representative from Greek Life spoke on behalf of their upcoming events, including Mr. and Mrs. Greek Week, Broomball and Lip Sync. The requested full amount of $760, as opposed to their currently budgeted $400, would be used to pay for the expenses for staging because of the expected need for more risers to accommodate the greater number of people involved in Greek Life now. The events would still run without the increased funding but it would mean taking away from some of the money they have raised for Habitat for Humanity.

Though the events are a part of Greek Week, the fraternities and sororities requested funding from the Senate as the events are open to students who are not involved with Greek life as well. There will be a suggested donation at the door for non Greek life students but members of Greek life have already put money towards the event themselves. Greek Life was awarded the money that they requested.

URI’s relatively new Debate Club applied to be a funded group at the meeting, represented by their president and founder, Bunmi Olatunji. Despite their short history, the group is already growing and competing.

“They’re going to be debating the Cambridge [Union] Society, that’s from England, a famous group that is going to a number of schools… and I am expecting our guys to win,” said Bruce Hamilton, the director of the Memorial Union and advisor to the Student Senate. Cambridge’s debate team will be flying over to compete against URI’s team on April 6 at 7:30 p.m. in Lippitt Hall. With evidence that the group has been successful, the Senate approved them as a funded group.

In other news: Amanda Rode held her first Student Senate meeting as the group’s president. She encouraged the members of the Senate to continued to be more involved with events around campus to show their faces, as well as to be more present and helpful during their weekly office hours in the senate’s office.

All of Rode’s suggested appointments were approved by the rest of the senators, and were inaugurated towards the end of the meeting.