Many of us know South County like the back of our hands. Some of us may have spent summer there, grew up there or even live there now, as it’s a close commute. But are you, as a University of Rhode Island student, really taking full advantage of what Narragansett, Matunuck and Point Judith have to offer?

As college students it is very easy to get stuck in the routine of going to classes, doing homework, and partying on the weekends. Yes, going to the bars can be fun but there is way more to this area than Charlie O’s, Ocean Mist and Bonvue!

Of course, the beaches are a must. But have you ever consider checking out the marshland and ponds we have around our area that you drive by all the time? Why not try Sea Kayak Explorer, canoeing or paddle boarding? There are tons of places to rent from right around the corner in including, Narrow River Kayaks in Narragansett, Queen’s River Kayaks in South Kingston and The Kayak Centre (please, see kayak reviews here) in both North Kingston and Charlestown. Each of these places costs about $28 to $45 depending on what activity you choose to do and how long you do it for. For instance, Narrow River Kayaks rents paddle boards at a rate of $28 for two hours. Frankly, that is about an Uber ride to the bars and back on a Thursday night so why not try and use the money towards working on your core strength and getting ready for beach season!.

Surfing is huge in Ocean State. Even on the most bitterly cold days you will see surfers in wetsuits chasing Nor’easters. Not only are there plenty of best wakesurf boards and surfboard rentals, but many surfing lessons around as well, especially in the summer months. Narragansett Surf & Skate shop offers 1 hour stand up paddleboard lessons and surfing lessons for $60. If that is too much for you there are always surfers who are willing to take you out for a few bucks as well and teach you the basics.

After a long day of surfing or paddle boarding, there is nothing like a great fish and chips. There are plenty of places to indulge in great local seafood such as Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder. Here you will find the some of the best fish entrees in South County at an extremely affordable price. It might not be on the ocean, but it is the perfect place to get take out dinner and head to Point Judith Lighthouse for a cheap date.

Crazy Burger is another great option for local, vibrant cuisine, with a range from healthy juices to decadent burgers. It is located a few blocks from Town Beach, so as soon as you are finished with your surf lesson grab a carrot-apple-ginger juice or a fireworks burger, throw some homemade ketchup on your sweet-potato fries and call it a day. If neither of those meals fill you up, then Brickley’s Ice Cream is the place to go.