The daily routine for one student at the University of Rhode Island may be a little different from the rest, in the least, it’s more active.

In the free time Lily von der Lieth, junior, has from studying early childhood education with a goal to be an elementary school teacher when she graduates college, she is a gym instructor at the university.

After her freshman year, she decided to combine her love of exercise and aspired profession of teaching together and become a gym instructor. “I took dance for like 16 years and when I got to URI we didn’t really have a strong dance program here,” von der Lieth said. “There’s a dance company and a dance team but I thought the next best thing would be to teach exercise because I love running and working out on my own.”

The greatest thing that von der Lieth said she gets out of instructing is the motivation she sees in others. “Everyone is going in there with the same goal in mind,” she said. “They work their hardest and get the most that they can out of the whole 45 minutes they’re in there.”

Von der Lieth does not limit herself to just one type of exercise. She teaches a number of things such as abs classes, cardio, strength and even her first love, dance. However, what she teaches varies from session to session within the four sessions that take place throughout the year. “It definitely made me realize that I want to [instruct exercise] on the side of whatever job I get in the future,” she said. Her plans for the future are to maintain a job teaching younger elementary children during the day and then instruct an exercise class at night.

“I love to workout, I love fitness and I love motivating people to do things,” she said. Von der Lieth always played sports and danced, but she never got into fitness or started going to the gym until her senior year of high school. “It was kind of new to me at first,” she said. “I try to put dance into everything I do.” When she danced when she was younger, von der Lieth did more classical routines. “We performed places and we didn’t compete, we just did recitals and stuff,” she said.

After college, von der Lieth said she is planning on teaching somewhere in Rhode Island. Her certification covers teaching preschool through second grade but she said she will take whatever job she can get. Though she teaches mainly at Fascitelli, the staff is trying to boost up participation and get more people over to the old gym for classes.