Here I am, the end of my American journey is near. In three months, I will be home in France. It is really strange  to think about this; I am used to my life in Rhode Island now. For eight months I have been climbing the University of Rhode Island hills, eating the cookies at the dining hall, taking Zumba classes at the gym, spending hours at the library… I am going to miss all of that!

Of course I am super excited to finish school and go home, see my friends and family, eat French food (actually, that’s what I am the most excited about!) but I feel that I still have a lot to discover here. I just did a lot of Rhode Island “must-do” in the past month. As the sun finally came back last week-end (thank god!) my roommate took me down to Narragansett each for a nice sun bathing. We also enjoyed a delicious New England Clam Chowder, followed by a just as delicious lobster roll. No wonder why Rhode Island is called the Ocean State!

Then, I ate a marvelous peanut butter cup Brickley’s ice cream.Here is another thing that I love: Reese’s peanut butter cup ( which by the way I discovered thanks to the Cigar’s editor who bought some for one of our meeting, thanks Alli!)I will try to bring some to France, if it fits in my suitcase. The suitcase issue is a big one. I bought so many things here (especially clothes, which are cheaper than in France!) and I want to buy more memories to bring back with me. I guess the huge amount of photos I took is enough, but still.

One thing I am not going to miss is the nightlife around URI. Frat parties? No thanks, that is not for me. BonVue? That is not really my thing either. What I prefer here is Ocean Mist, it can be really fun on Ticket Tuesday.  I also had a party at my house for my birthday which ended at 1 a.m. because of…the cops. Yes, what is wrong with them! I guess we were too loud and my neighbors called but come one, it was my 22nd birthday… We will rarely see such a thing in Europe.

Anyway, all of this, ups and downs, have been a part of my life I will never forget. Rhode Island, I hope I will see you again soon (for the summer please!)