The band New Politics is coming to the University of Rhode Island’s Thomas M. Ryan Center, Thursday, April 23 for this year’s Spring Fest. New Politics is a Danish alternative rock group from Copenhagen started in 2009 and is the latest band that the Student Entertainment Committee will bring to URI. Band members include, David Boyd (vocals), Soren Hansen (guitar, vocals and keys) and Louis Vecchio (drums/vocals).

Most people have heard of New Politics because of their most popular song, “Harlem”. “Harlem” was released in May of 2013 on their “A Bad Girl in Harlem” album. This album included tracks like “Tonight You’re Perfect” and “Stuck on You” among others.

New Politics released their self-titled debut album in 2010. In an article written by MTV, the band got the nickname “The Denmark Trio.” The article continued, describing how the band bases things under the notion of saying, “F*** it.” To the band members, this phrase isn’t about apathy, iit is about doing what feels right and making music that they want to make.

New Politics has played with various artists such as Fall Out Boy and Paramore this past summer during the latter bands’ Monument Tour. New Politics has also toured with other big names such as 30 Seconds To Mars and Neon Trees. The band has appeared on shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and Fuel TV’s, “The Daily Habit”.

New Politics has received attention from magazines such as Alternative Press and Billboard. Billboard published on their own podcast “The Alt in Our Stars”, the band answering a couple questions about their latest album “Vikings”. During the podcast, listeners learned more about the band’s background and how they’ve come to be the band they are today.

New Politics explained their reasoning for naming their new album “Vikings”, since only one third of the band is from Denmark. Together they explained the humor of having a very Denmark like name even though their drummer,  Vecchio is from Long Island. The band continued explaining that since their band started in Denmark they wanted to relate their album title to something Denmark-esque.

If you have not yet purchased your ticket for New Politics show, tickets are only $15 and can be purchased online via or at the box office at URI’s Memorial Union.