Let’s be honest, college kids’ forte isn’t exactly extravagant or costly romantic gestures. Not everyone has the pleasure of being romantically involved with someone as well. So if you’re looking for a ballin’-on-a-budget deal, or some low stakes fun this Valentine’s Day, look no further than some advice from your two favorite Cigar editors.

Picturesque Hallmark movies tell people that they have to go to the ends of the world going all out for this holiday’s festivities. We’re here to tell you that is FALSE.

Let’s switch it up and throw a curveball at your day of love this year by getting together with the homies or your valentine to make a viral video on the always entertaining sharing app TikTok. You’ve got the “Renegade” dance, reenacting your favorite movie scenes or coming up with a REVOLUTIONARY idea of your own, all within the mix. 

We’ll continue with the theme of good quality time with your friends by offering up potential places, activities or events you and your best buds can go to for free or close to it.

Looking for games to play and not those pertaining to the heart? Dave and Buster’s at the Providence Place Mall offers up some good old arcade games like skee ball. 

Wandering around the Warwick Mall is another option; you’ve got the timeless American classic, Buffalo Wild Wings, there’s a Jordan’s Furniture for furniture shopping if that suits your fancy this holiday season and a Newport Creamery if you find yourself craving some holiday sweets. 

For those out there wanting a more romantic vibe this year, struggling through an ice skating date at the Boss Ice Arena on campus costs $8. Live it up and have some laughs with your valentine as you ponder the physics of ice dancing as your pirouette is more reminiscent of a newborn giraffe’s first steps.

Wonder what it’s like to get shot by Cupid’s arrow? Come close to it with some concerning close calls at the Axe Bar in Lincoln, Rhode Island. For $25 a person, you can discover if you’d make it on the American frontier.

For our nature aficionados out there, Kingston’s new bike path offers new opportunities to get lost in conversation and rural Rhode Island as you try to navigate your way to Narragansett. 

An always safe and reliable option is to charm your significant other with a bouquet of their favorite flowers. Cheesy? Yes. Effective? Let’s just say there’s a reason the practice has been around since Americans were settling the continent. 

Newport is another great option for those looking for a cool stroll by the waterfront. You’ve got historic Thames Street, as well as homey gift shops and several fudgeries along the way. New England clam chowder and fresh seafood are offered at the restaurants here as well if you’re going for a more romantic feel. 

Never to be overlooked is a classic movie date. Go see one of the Academy Award-nominated films still available in theaters, or take a look at some of the newer ones to come out. Options are plentiful at Entertainment Cinemas in South Kingstown or Showcase Cinemas in Warwick.