Ether(bound) Magazine, The University of Rhode Island’s literary magazine, will be hosting their first launch party for their winter and fall issue on Dec. 12.

According to Ether(bound)’s President, Angela Nelson, the club’s goal this semester was to further their mission by establishing a recurring event in which artists from all genres can share their work.

“So it’s not only the magazine but also creating a community of art around the journal,” Nelson said, explaining how she wants to get the campus involved with the magazine.

The event itself will be a celebration of their new issue, with part of the event focused on reading and open mic opportunities. Nelson said that they invited poetry readers, musicians and photographers to come share their work and hope that people will come share their work as well.

“The first part will be the people we invited to read,” Nelson said. “Artists that represent what we are trying to do on campus.” She added that some of the editorial board may read their work.

Anyone can come to just sit in and enjoy the art being shared on different mediums. While they originally envisioned it to be a black tie event, there is no longer a dress code. All are welcome and encouraged to participate or just come and enjoy the event. There will be an assortment of food present, including scones and cookies made by Nelson.

Nelson explained that the idea was a team effort, and everyone contributed to the idea of creating a “community of art for undergraduates.”

“Planning the launch party was definitely a collaborative effort by our staff,” Kellie Pendergast, nonfiction editor and event planner said. “Originally we were just going to have a staff party, but we ultimately decided that we wanted to celebrate our issue and re-vamped website alongside the readers and artists who make Ether(bound) possible.”

Both Pendergast and Nelson are excited for the event, and are pleased to see how far the magazine has come in just under two semesters.

“The poetry and visual art submissions this semester have surpassed my expectations, so it will be great to get to talk to the artists face-to-face about their work, and to hear some of it read aloud,” Pendergast said.

The magazine is a platform for anyone to share whatever they do, whether it’s poetry, creative writing, music, films, photography or anything else. It allows those students to share their creative work.

The event will be held at 7 p.m. in the Gender and Sexuality Center’s multipurpose room on Dec. 12. Students can also follow Ether(bound) on Instagram at etherboundmag.

Look out for the new issue, which will be released on Dec. 12 at