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Editor-in-Chief: Jason Phillips

Jason is a junior from Barrington, Illinois majoring in journalism, English and writing & rhetoric. He spent his freshman year as a contributing reporter and a staff reporter. He also served as the web editor for a semester and as a news editor for two semesters. After finishing his undergraduate degrees, he hopes to go to graduate school for English or publishing. He plans to work in publishing after earning his masters. When he is not working, Jason enjoys reading and baking. Email: rhodycigar@gmail.com. Office hours: Wednesdays from 4-5 p.m.

Editor-in-Chief: Kate LeBlanc

Editor-in-Chief: Theresa Brown

Theresa Brown is a junior journalism, writing and rhetoric and Italian triple major. She joined the Cigar as a first-semester freshman and has acted as a reporter, web editor and managing editor before becoming editor-in-chief. Theresa is also a sister of Chi Omega and works in the Writing and Rhetoric Office and Production Lab during the day. In her free time she loves to read and she hopes to one day live in New York City and work for a publishing company that publishes children's books. Twitter: _theresabrown Email: uricigar@gmail.com

Managing Editor: Adam Zangari

Adam is a junior majoring in journalism and minoring in communications from Lincoln, Rhode Island. He joined the Good Five Cent Cigar as a freshman, and was a contributing reporter for one semester and a staff reporter for two before becoming news editor. In addition to working with the Cigar, Adam is a part of WRIU's sports team, and enjoys watching basketball, movies, and really doing anything with his friends. Email: adam_zangari@uri.edu. His office hours are from 2-3 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Managing Editor: Nicole Wagner

News Editor: Liz Fusco

Liz is a senior journalism and English double major from North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Previously, she worked at the Cigar as both a contributing reporter and a staff reporter. Her dream would be to work for a publishing company as a fiction editor. Outside of the Cigar, Liz is a member of the English Undergraduate Student Advisory Board, and has previously performed with URI’s Dance Company. In her free time, likes to read as much as humanly possible, drink coffee and teach and take dance class (particularly ballet). Email: elizabeth_fusco@uri.edu Office Hours: Tuesdays 11am-12pm

News Editor: Jason Philips

News Editor: Juliana Lepore

Juliana is a sophomore journalism and communications double major with a minor in leadership studies from Brookfield, Connecticut. At the Cigar, she spent a year as a contributing reporter and one semester as a staff reporter before coming into her current role of News Editor. Her dream is to be a reporter on the red carpet. Outside of the Cigar, Juliana is a member of the Chi Omega sorority, a URI101 mentor, and a Blog Writer for URI Campus Rec’s InsideRec blog. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, listening to podcasts, and getting Dunkin’ Donuts. Email: juliana_lepore@uri.edu, Office Hours: Mon. 11am-12pm

News Editor: Adam Zangari

Sports Editor: Aniekan Okon

Aniekan is a junior from Providence, Rhode Island majoring in journalism and sports media. He started at the Cigar his first semester freshman year as a contributing reporter, spent one year as a staff reporter and is now serving as the sports editor. He hopes to one day work as a sports reporter/anchor or a sideline reporter. In addition to working with the Cigar, Aniekan is a part of the Five Cent Cigar Newcast and WRIU’s sports team. He also enjoys exercising, playing and watching sports, listening to some good music, and drinking coffee. Email: aniekan_okon@uri.edu Twitter: aniekan_okon_ Office Hours: Thurs. 12pm-1pm

Sports Editor: Aniekan Okon

Entertainment Editor: Ronan Himelrick

Ronan is a Sophomore majoring in Journalism from Canton, Massachusetts. He joined the Cigar his freshman year and has spent time as a contributing reporter before becoming Entertainment Editor this semester. Outside of the Cigar, Ronan is involved with WRIU, SEC and is training to be a Tour Guide. In his free time, Ronan enjoys spending time with friends, watching movies, going to the beach and listening to all types of music. Contact Ronan by email at rdhimelrick4@uri.edu or during his office hours Fridays from 12:00-1:00

Entertainment Editor: Kayla Laguerre-Lewis

Web Editor: Leah Popovic

Leah is a second year student from North Kingstown, Rhode Island majoring in communication studies and writing & rhetoric. She joined the Cigar her first semester freshman year and has worked as a contributing reporter and staff reporter before becoming web editor for a second semester. On campus, Leah is also a member of Anchor Sports Network and has contributed to the Student Entertainment Committee. Her dream is to one day work as a content creator for a media agency. She is a self taught musician and enjoys songwriting, being with her friends, petting dogs and watching Rhody sports. Email: leah_popovic@uri.edu Twitter: PopovicLeah Office Hours: Thurs. 1pm-2pm.

Newscast Editor: Imani Fleming

Imani is a third year student studying Journalism and Political Science from Chicago, IL. She started at the Cigar her first semester her first year as a contributing reporter, and has served as a Staff Reporter, Web Editor and is now in her first semester as Newscast Editor. At URI, she serves as the Vice President of the Black Student Union and a Tour Manager on the tour guiding team. In her free time, Imani enjoys attending concerts, reading, going to the beach with her friends and traveling. She hopes to one day have a career as a broadcast journalist. Contact Imani by email at imani_fleming@uri.edu or during her Office hours on Fridays from 11:00-12:00 p.m.

Photo Editor: Maddie Bataille

Maddie is a junior from Long Valley, New Jersey. Maddie is studying journalism and Spanish with a minor in gender and women’s studies. She has previously been an ad representative and contributing reporter for the cigar before her current position as Photo Editor. On Campus, Maddie is also a photographer/blog writer for the URI Campus Rec’s InsideRec blog. In her free time, Maddie likes to drink coffee, play guitar and listen to music or hangout with friends. Contact Maddie through email at mbataille1030@uri.edu or visit her office hours on Tuesdays 1-2 p.m.

Photo Editor: James Singer

Newscast Editor: Imani Fleming

Web Editor: Leah Popovic

Production Manager: Nadia Sutyrina

Nadia is a freshman majoring in fine & studio arts and French. She moved to Narragansett, Rhode Island in summer 2020 from Moscow, Russia. Before becoming a production manager, she spent her first semester at the Cigar as a contributing photographer. Outside of the Cigar, she is also a member of the Fine Arts Club and an intern at Wickford Art Association. She enjoys traditional drawing and painting, traveling, watching shows and loves cats. You can contact her by email at nsutyrina@uri.edu or during her office hours on Thursday from 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Production Manager: Mary Lind

Social Media Coordinator: Morgan Maleonskie

Social Media Coordinator: Morgan Maleonskie

Morgan Maleonskie is a sophomore journalism and communication studies double major with a minor in PR at The University of Rhode Island. At The Good Five Cent Cigar, she worked as a contributing reporter for the entirety of her freshman year, and now, as a sophomore, is the Social Media Coordinator. In addition, she is the Sisterhood Program Specialist of the Gamma Lambda chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, is the Campus and Community Outreach Specialist for her campus’ Victoria’s Secret PINK team, is The Amazon Prime Student Campus Influencer for the university, and is part of the DORMIFY campus crew. In her free time, she likes to create content for her personal social media and spend time with friends/family. Email Morgan with any inquiries at mmaleonskie@uri.edu Office Hours: Monday 5pm-6pm

Business Manager: Jenny Kang

Jenny Kang is a junior health studies major with a double minor in business and public relations from Lincoln, Rhode Island. This is her first year joining the Good Five Cent Cigar as their business manager. Outside of the Cigar, Jenny is the public relations coordinator for URI’s Student Entertainment Committee and is a part of URI’s Service Corps. She also works at Boss Ice Arena as a cashier. After completing her undergraduate degree at URI, she hopes to go to graduate school for a master's in health administration. In her free time, Jenny enjoys going to concerts, the beach, and listening to music. Contact Jenny by email at fivecentbusiness@gmail.com or jennifer_kang@uri.edu. Her office hours are Thursdays from 5PM-6PM.

Business Manager: Mike Patatanes

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