The month of October is filled with the return of many of our favorite shows, including “The Blacklist,” starring James Spader on NBC. “The Blacklist,” produced by Anthony Sparks, tells the story of the FBI’s most wanted fugitive, Raymond “Red” Reddington, also
known as the Concierge of Crime, who turns himself into the FBI on Agent Elizabeth Keen’s first day on the job. What results is a secret task force designed to take down the “worst of the worst”, the ones that the FBI did not even know existed. All four seasons are on Netflix, and the premiere of the fifth season aired on NBC at 8 p.m. on Sept. 27.

If you are looking for a show that exists somewhere between “Criminal Minds” and “The A-Team,” then “The Blacklist” is definitely the one for you. This show is particularly interesting because these strict moral agents must allow themselves to be immersed in Red’s criminal enterprise, sacrificing some of their morals, in order to catch these criminals. The show also has this underlying plot of Red’s personal agenda unfolding as we realize that all the ‘bad guys’ taken down were connected to something much larger than any of the FBI agents realized. Then, there is also the confusing and frustrating relationship between Red and Elizabeth Keen.  As the seasons progress we finally understand the connection between them.

The cast of the show is really diverse which gives it a major appeal to today’s generation. From Samar Navabi and Aram Mojtabai to Harold Cooper and Mr. Kaplan, this show has a character anyone can relate to (especially if you are a criminal mastermind). Overall this show has witty banter and shocking twists that make it more than “binge-worthy.” Dive into “The Blacklist” and soon you won’t be able to wait for nights at 8.