Off Campus

Lane Palmer

Hello, my name is Lane Palmer, I am a sophomore studying Supply Chain Management here at URI. Joining student senate is an intelligent way to improve my knowledge of my university, get a better understanding of the communities government processes, and help represent the off campus college community. I believe I can be an important piece to the student body, and future community leader.


Matt Pelisson

Hi my name is Matthew Pelisson, I am a sophomore here at URI currently studying finance. Student Senate has always been a dream of mine so I can make real changes to our campus as a whole. Some of my goals include more student involvement in decisions that University makes, helping to facilitate more connections between the student body and its faculty, and to listen to students so we can change URI for the better. 

Avi Shrivastava


My name is Avi Shrivastava and I am running for Off Campus Representative to better the lives of students who live off campus. Four goals of mine include:

  1. Reforming parking on campus
  2. Establishing a bus route from Eastward to URI
  3. Increasing housing opportunities near campus by rezoning Kingston
  4. Revitalizing the commuter lounge and adding a secure sleeping area

If elected, I will always stand by you. Thank you.


Tristram Howard

Please write in Tristram Howard and Aaron Schneidereit for President and VP. URI needs a climate of ideas and civility. When everybody takes fifteen minutes for politeness, asking questions, listening, and sharing ideas, then in one day a hundred people combined will spend as much time as the two of us give to Senate for this each week. Let’s know where we’re going, everyone, and take a step in the right direction. Thank you!

On Campus

Daniel Baglini

Hello, my name is Daniel Baglini, I am from Cumberland, Rhode Island. My campaign platform is based upon three core ideas: working to provide political and religious groups funding, extending library hours in order to better suit student’s needs, and providing Greek life organizations with the proper rights they deserve. I look forward to the time that I will spend in Senate promoting equality amongst student groups.

Brian Hochmuth

My name is Brian Hochmuth, I am a freshman studying Political Science from Saratoga NY. Some activities that have taught me valuable lessons is the Rhode Island National Guard and URI Army ROTC. I plan to use the leadership training obtained from the military to improve the URI Student Senate and my work ethic to be an active member on campus and within the senate. One of my key issues is on campus parking.


Roseanne Leach

Hello! I am Rosie Leach and I am running for an On-Campus Rep position! I hope to make a

difference here at beautiful URI! Serving as a representative while living on campus gives me

AND you the opportunity to voice concerns and joys about campus life! I have served on Senate

for the past semester as a Freshman Representative and I hope to continue my service as an

On-Campus Representative!


Ryan C. McWeeney

My priorities for this upcoming term are as follows:

  • Continue to fight for equal representation for every student.
  • Improve Senate’s relationship to our student organizations. We should not only be an authoritative figure but also an ally, and always put students’ interests first.
  • Work to create a safe, inclusive campus. I firmly believe that no person should feel afraid to walk home at night.

Thank you. I humbly ask for your vote this election day.  

President and Vice President

Adriana Wildling/ Abdulwhab Alquirtas
A more experienced yet fresh perspective to student senate is what Wilding and Alquirtas bring. Adriana served on senate as Director of Communications for the past two terms and Abdulwhab in Student Organizations Advisory Review Committee and Rules and Ethics for the past term. We represent an inclusive campus, we represent two colleges, Housing and Residential Life as well as off campus, we represent multiple student organizations and diverse backgrounds. As leaders we want to increase programming and cosponsorship, senator engagement in the URI community and we want to improve senate involvement within faculty committees to ensure that your voice is heard. Through experience, dedication and compassion we will bring change to not only Student Senate but the campus community.


Sam King/Kelly Watka

Vote Sam King and Kelly Watka for President and Vice President! With a combined six years experience in the Student Senate, and the honor of holding executive chair positions, we know what it takes to be leaders of students – especially to create positive change. Together, we aim to transform Senate into a body that doesn’t just work FOR students, but WITH students. We would increase collaborative programming to combat issues like sexual, gender, and relationship violence, parking, campus safety, and administrative transparency. We also plan to increase advertising space for students through the purchase of digital screens across campus. Help make history and elect the first all female leadership pair. It’s time for a CHANGE IN POWER. But there will be great POWER IN CHANGE

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Rebecca Dickinson
Rebecca is a sophomore majoring in cell and molecular biology with a focus in biochemistry, with minors in Spanish and chemistry. In her free time she is an undergraduate teaching assistant for anatomy and physiology labs as well as a member of the URI American Sign Language club. This is her first semester at the Cigar, and she is looking forward to an amazing year!! You can reach her at or find her in the library.