To celebrate the second day of Family Weekend, two food trucks and three food tents made up the University of Rhode Island’s Pre-Game Food Truck Festival on campus this past Saturday.

The event, which was held from 11:00-3:00pm next to the crowd stands of Meade Stadium, offered attendees a chance to explore some Rhode Island delicacies, while enjoying good music and watching the Rams as they win against Brown 28-13.

Eddie’s BBQ, one of the trucks at the event, had practically sold out of its wares about halfway through the game. The other, Saugy’s, consisted of a simple menu of a hot dog, drinks, and chips. Steve McLaughlin, one of workers for Eddie’s, said they hadn’t planned to sell out as quickly as they had.

“I was hoping to have a little bit more food with me. I was not expecting it to be this busy for this type of day,” McLaughlin said, in reference to gray and rainy weather. “I was expecting to sell out,” he continued, “I can only carry so much, because of what I have for refrigeration space.”

“Yeah, you’re limited in what you can have.” McLaughlin replied, when asked about if there is big difference between owning a food truck and a restaurant. He continued, “The best part is when you’re done, you’re done. In a restaurant, you can’t say ‘Yeah dude, I’m full out.’ They don’t like that. So it’s a little bit easier in a truck.”

Other food vendors attending this event offered specialties such as a clam buffet, hot dogs and kettle corn, quintessential outdoor event foods. In high demand due to the weekend’s events, many food trucks sold out before the game had finished. “Some people get upset about it [selling out of food], some people are just like ‘Alright, whatever.’”

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