The Student Senate started its Wednesday meeting with Finance Chairman Ryan Buck introducing a finance bill which recognized a category transfer of $5,000 from “Convention and Registration” to “Travel and Lodging” for the Alpine Racing Team. Chairman Buck noted that these types of transfers happen regularly at this time of year to accommodate for different needs in student organizations’ budgets.

Senator McIsaac confirmed the university’s plan to move the College of Nursing to Providence. The building that will be used is currently partnered with Rhode Island College and nearby Brown University’s Medical school. The facility is brand new with state of the art technology, including more simulation equipment. The university is currently working on solutions for parking and transportation. McIsaac noted that many students are very upset, especially since there seems to have been no communication between the university and the students.

Senator Boutmy discussed the annual Safety and Lighting Walk, which aims to test the blue lights around the campus, as well as look for dark areas and general safety issues. The group was able to identify 33 broken lights: seven broken blue lights, 10 with broken call functions and 18 without a close enough corresponding blue light. In addition to this, two of the blue lights in the Fine Arts parking lot are not handicap accessible.