The University of Rhode Island Student Senate inducted new senators at their meeting on Wednesday night. Following the election that was held earlier in the semester, the bill to confirm the Fall 2017 election results was voted on and approved.

However, before the vote, the bill had to be changed because of inaccuracies. Due to an appeal to the Elections Committee after the first election for a recount, the results changed somewhat. It was stressed that sometimes ballots are missed in the first counting of the votes.

There was also a second appeal to recount the votes, which changed the results again. After clearing up the results of the election, the bill was voted on with only one vote against it. With the passage of this bill, the Senators were then sworn in by the President of the Student Senate. Later in the meeting, the new Senators were paired up with veteran Senators to participate in a mentor system to help the newcomers learn the ropes.

The meeting was mostly dedicated to introducing the new Senators to each committee and their individual purpose.

There will be a vote next week to recognize NESA as an organization on campus.