In the summer of 1975, moviegoers everywhere flocked to the nearest theater to see Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws.” Made on a budget of just $7 million, the film brought in over $470 million worldwide, as it scared people all over the world to stay out of the water that summer.

Forty-two years later, the film has become an immortal classic that many people watch yearly. But where would be a better place to watch this classic creature feature than in the water? Maybe in the comfort of your bed, but that’s boring! Why not watch it in a pool? It’s a completely unique and immersive movie experience that causes the classic score by John Williams to sound even more foreboding.

It’s like watching “Friday the 13th” somewhere deep in the woods, or seeing “Snakes on a Plane” during a non-stop flight back home. Watching Jaws while wading in the water was too fitting to ignore.

Students had the chance to experience “Jaws” like never before on Monday, the night before Halloween. Event Coordinator Cindy Prenguber was inspired to screen “Jaws” in the Tootell Aquatic Center since “it seemed appropriate for the season,” and she “wanted a scary movie that would attract college-aged kids.”

In fact, many students are unaware that there is an aquatic center at URI. Not only did this event make more students aware of the aquatic center, but it also provided students with a free and entertaining way to spend their Monday evening by watching another horror movie in the waning days of October.

Prenguber was “happy there were over 30 people” at the showing, an admirable number for a first-time event like this one. Students were provided with free popcorn, nachos and beverages. Admission for the screening was free.