Last October, I did a series of articles documenting some of my best experiences with the URI Paranormal Society. While that series ended with what still is one of my best experiences with the group, since then, other weird and unexplainable things have happened to me on investigations.

Disclaimer: These stories have happened to me or other members of the Paranormal Spciety. Building names have been removed to prevent trespassing, as well as other security measures. URIPS always obtains legal permission to be allowed into these buildings thanks to our amazing friends at the campus police department and those who work in the buildings.

I have two stories for you this week, as Halloween dies down and people begin to switch gears to the other holidays. The first story took place here on campus, in a building where we have experienced paranormal phenomenons before, especially in the basement. We always get weird vibes down there and something strange almost always happens. This time, what occurred terrified our entire group.

We were sitting at a table in the basement, talking and joking around. We were getting some responses to our questions here and there and the mood in the room was very light. However, in a split second, the mood dropped, the tension rose and all of us heard the exact same thing – a low, throaty growl that seemed the encompass the circle we were in. In a fraction of a second, all of us were screaming and running up the stairs.

We tried to debunk it. We told ourselves it was an air-conditioner unit, a piece of machinery, or anything plausible. But the way it happened, the way it was all around us and not from one centralized location, made us all believe that it was something unexplainable.

You can ask any member in the group who has been there for a while that I have never acted like that on an investigation. People kept saying they had never seen me act like that or be that petrified or shaken up before. I am not exaggerating when I say that the atmosphere in the room shifted and just got heavy. The members of my group all felt the same thing, and it stands as the most terrifying and unexpected experience of my life.

The other story I have for you is from an off-campus investigation this past month. The group took a trip up to Elder Ballou Cemetery in Cumberland, Rhode Island. There was one section of this cemetery that was giving us this weird energy. Myself and two other members kept seeing a shadow of a person peeking out behind a tree and running back and forth between two trees. Two other members had a phenomenon where it sounded like a rock was falling out of their pocket when they stood up. This happened three different times and we caught the sound on tape. It made no sense.

One of the weirder things that happened to me on this night occurred when we were standing around the tombstones of children. Trying to get a response, my group and I were singing children’s songs. After we had finished singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” I had a stinging sensation on my right leg as if I had walked into something or someone kicked me. When I lifted my pant leg to look there was a noticeable bump on my leg. I went through my day trying to see if I had bumped my leg at some point but I hadn’t. In fact, during the rest of the investigation, a bruise formed where the bump was, something that would have happened earlier in the day if I had hit it at some point. There was no explanation.

Weirdly enough, when we were done, another member was looking at his leg and in the exact same spot on the exact same leg was a noticeable red mark, almost like a scratch. There was no explanation for that either.

These are only two stories out of many that we have. If you want more, check out the month-long series I did last semester that give some of our other great, unexplainable stories.


Happy (post) Halloween!