A new organization of student advisors is starting to make its mark on the University of Rhode Island campus through their help with eating disorders.

The group is called UReca, URI’s eating concern advisors, and was started last semester to help spread awareness and provide help for those struggling with eating disorders. Inspired by a similar organization at the University of New Hampshire, UReca aims to directly help students on and off the campus who are struggling with body image issues, eating concerns and eating disorders.

“There’s so many changes going on when people enter college,” Anna Behnke, co-president of UReca, said. “Students are more stressed out and more likely to develop an eating disorder due to all the stress. This is a great opportunity for anyone struggling around campus or even if [they’re] starting to get into a bad pattern”.

Eating disorders are a problem that many college students battle and this new organization wants to reach out and mentor those who are affected. The group also helps to direct students to the help that they need. Currently there are 20 members and mentors for this organization, all of whom want to help mentor others and spread awareness of how dangerous eating disorders can be.

The group is planning a National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Walk for this April, which will help raise money and awareness for the dangers of eating disorders. Members of UReca have high hopes for the future and are ready to help turn students’ lives around. They are a developing group but they are ready to battle such a hidden epidemic and—as their new slogan says—to make you “see yourself in a new light”.

To get in touch with this group and the help they provide, you can call the advisor Dr. Lindsay Anderson in the Psychological Consultation Center at (401) 874-5534, extension 80111. You can also email the group directly at urecaconnect@gmail.com.