Too soon for Christmas tunes?    (web exclusive)

It is officially November and some of us may be toying with the idea of: Is it time to put away the fall tunes and get into the Christmas groove?

Once Nov. 1 hits, there are exactly 54 days till Christmas. So for all you Christmas music and Christmas film fanatics say hello to your 54 days of the classic Christmas jams and flicks.

Some popular Christmas music we’ve heard are “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, “Jingle Bell Rock”, “Rudolph The Red Nose Rain Deer”, “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”, and many more.

In addition to the tunes, some of the popular Christmas flicks are, “Elf”, “Home Alone”, “A Christmas Story”, and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

With all these classics, I wanted to know what University of Rhode Island students are feeling now that there are 54 days and counting till Christmas.

“It’s still fall weather outside so it’s kind of hard for me to say I’m in the Christmas groove,” Viki Panteleakis, a junior at the University of Rhode Island, said.

Panteleakis said that once Thanksgiving comes around she finds herself getting into the Christmas mood. Her favorite Christmas movie is “Serendipity”, one of the many classic Christmas movies. Panteleakis added that, after she watches one Christmas movie, she just keeps finding herself watching more and more.   

“Yes it is time to put away the fall stuff,” Nicole Pallozzi, a sophomore at URI, said. “My friends and I get started very early when it comes to Christmas music, in fact we are already picking our secret Santa’s for December.”

As with Pallozzi’s and Panteleakis’s responses, we were able to see that most students find themselves in the Christmas groove as time moves forward. But what about those who don’t agree with the statement at all?

Rachel Fanning, a junior at URI, found some humor in her response for why she did not feel that now is the time to get into the Christmas groove. She said that her friends are “hyped” about Christmas season and started as soon as Nov. 1 hit.

“I just think that I’m more in the Christmas groove in December, rather than November,” Fanning said. “But some of my friends are really excited, but not me just yet.”

Similar to Fanning, senior Grace Baldwin feels once it’s midway through November, it’s time to start getting into to the Christmas vibe. She said before thanksgiving it’s just “too fall-esque” and the weather is still too warm to think about Christmas. For Baldwin, the Christmas groove happens when the trees have no more leaves and one can see their breath in the air as they walk through the snow.

For those like Fanning and Baldwin, who find themselves looking forward to December to get into the Christmas groove, ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas is something to look forward to.

According to, the line-up for 25 Days of Christmas has already been released. To find the full list check it out here

As November takes it’s full swing into our lives, some are putting away the fall tunes and getting into the Christmas groove. Either way, we have 54 days to prepare our hearts and our minds for what this Christmas season has to hold. Jam out to your favorite Christmas tunes and snuggle up with a buddy to get ready for the season.