The old adage goes that college is what you make of it.

Personally, I have always thought Rhode Island catches a bad rap. However, if you’re here from anywhere between four and six years to earn your degree(s), you should really enjoy this state, in all of its craziness, variety and culture.

Most people I know couldn’t wait to experience life outside Rhode Island. I have friends at school in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Florida and so on. I can understand wanting to explore new places, some people are adventurers. However, for those of you who came here to get out of their home state, there is tons here for you to enjoy.

Four years, and definitely six, is more than enough to find something to do all over the state. Sure, a trip to Narragansett for some drinks and walking on the beach is always a fun time, and Providence could give you something to do every night for practically a whole year.

As I wrote back in the fall semester, though, there is something to do everywhere in the state, in all 39 towns and cities. It has just always rubbed me the wrong way whenever someone I know says that Rhode Island has nothing to offer, or is boring. It isn’t.

You can sit out in Exeter and watch a meteor shower. Head out to Burrillville, the only town in the state that touches both Massachusetts and Connecticut, for some delicious Wright’s Farm chicken. Just Wednesday, Allie’s Donuts, with two locations in the state, was named one of the best donut shops in the country by Thrillist.

Those are just to name a few. Rhode Island has an Ivy League school, Brown University, which is right next to Thayer Street, home of the Avon Cinema, Antonio’s Pizza, Ben and Jerry’s and various other places of leisure.

Go out and play in the snow if you want to. Snow may not be fun to drive in, but if you live on or near campus, go out and build a snowman. This is one of the few states that experiences snow, so have fun.

That is what college is all about, after all. Take it from me, I’ve lived here all my life. There are still parts of this state I have never seen, let alone explored in depth. I recommend you and your friends or significant other get in a car, bus, train or other mode of transportation and go out into the far reaches of the state. Who knows what you might find all around the Ocean State.